Advance Public Safety with Real-Time Intelligence Centers

Innovative command centers that keep communities safe

Critical Incident Intelligence Centers for Public Safety

Our expertise has earned us the ongoing trust of these trailblazing law enforcement agencies.


Real-Time Operations Center (ROC)

Collier County, FL


Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC)

Winston-Salem, NC


Real-Time Intelligence Center (RTIC)

Lee County, FL


Dispatch Center

North Kingstown, RI

City of Tulsa RTIC

Real-Time Information Center (RTIC)

Tulsa, OK


Critical Incident Intelligence Center (CIIC)

Aurora, IL


Rogers Police Department

Take a Look at Winston-Salem Police Department’s RTCC

Winston-Salem Police Department’s RTCC utilizes advanced technologies to revolutionize law enforcement. Take a look at how their RTCC strengthens community safety in real time and gain behind-the-scenes knowledge of its design and installation process.

  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • Army National Guard
  • Aurora Police Department
  • Barksdale Air Force Base
  • Cape Canaveral Space Force Station
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • City of Kyle Police Department
  • Collier County Sheriffs’ Office
  • Edwards Air Force Base
  • Fort Gordon
  • Fort Meade
  • Kadena Air Base
  • Lackland Air Force Base
  • Lee County Sheriffs’ Office
  • MacDill Air Force Base
  • NASA
  • Nellis Air Force Base
  • North Kingstown Police Department
  • Peterson Air Force Base
  • Robins Air Force Base
  • Rogers Police Department
  • Schriever Space Force Base
  • The Pentagon
  • Tulsa Police Department
  • Vandenberg Space Force Base
  • Winston-Salem Police Department
  • Yokota Air Force Base

Collaborating with Top RTIC Solutions Providers

The vendors you choose represent you, for better or worse. We team up with public safety experts that have the insight and experience to ensure your project comes together successfully.

Delivering Proven Solutions Based on Public Safety Insight and Experience

Expertise and past performance in real-time operations centers for leaders in public safety.

First-Hand Experience
Protecting Communities

Public Safety Experience

Lt. Sean Arthur (Retired) is a key member of our public safety team and has first-hand experience designing, building, and supervising a Real-Time Operations Center (ROC).

Lt. Arthur led the Collier County Sheriffs’ Office ROC from inception to completion. Let his experience help guide your mission.


Future-Facing Solutions that Keep Communities Safe

Constant works with law enforcement agencies to protect their communities with Real-Time Operations Centers that:

  • Enable law enforcement officers to respond quickly
  • Support collaboration among officers, analysts, and investigators
  • Promote a proactive emphasis on officer and community safety

Simplify the Complex

In a Real-Time Crime Center, simplicity is key. Innovative solutions are of no use if operators can’t quickly access data.

RTCCs, designed by Constant, leverage cutting-edge technology, thoughtful spatial planning, and customized solutions to create effective operations spaces.


Optimize Public Safety with Centralized Operations​

A Game Changer for Modern Policing

Never Miss Critical Data

Combining data into a central hub increases situational awareness, reduces response time, and creates a proactive vs. reactive approach​.

Critical incident intelligence centers provide more eyes for patrol by using license plate readers, traffic cameras, and video streams from drones and helicopters.

​Collaborate Effectively

Public safety command centers enable more effective policing, support collaboration among analysts and investigators, and combine agencies into a single location for unified command​. Coordinating incident command from a central location makes the most of resources.

Execute Your Mission

Centralized operations centers are the future of modern policing. Your mission is complex. These centers promote efficient workflow, automate processes, and increase team productivity to keep your community safe.

Public Safety Stock Image
Public Safety Stock Image

Partner with Experts in Public Safety Command Centers​

Let’s discuss your public safety goals. From custom video wall solutions and tailored technology furniture to ongoing service and support, Constant ensures that your real-time operations centers are optimized for 24/7 performance.


Interested in Command and Control Solutions for Public Safety?