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What are the Benefits of a Real Time Crime Center?

Large Real Time Crime Center with video walls and consoles
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The first real-time crime center opened in New York City in 2005. With a goal of identifying and stopping emerging crime, the center features billions of records that officers could access within minutes rather than days or weeks. Since then, the idea of a real-time crime center has begun to spread – not only to departments in major metropolitan areas, but also to county and town police departments.

As technology continues to advance, so does the potential for law enforcement and investigations.

But on a practical level, what does a real time crime center do? What are the benefits? Here are some concrete ways that implementing a Real Time Crime Center can help you and your team. 

Increase productivity through an efficient workflow

In a complex environment like a real time crime center, simplicity is key. Even the most sophisticated solutions are of no use if operators can’t quickly access capabilities the moment they are needed. The Real Time Crime Centers designed by Constant Technologies leverage cutting edge technology, thoughtful spatial planning, and customized solutions to create optimized operations spaces. Having a centralized hub for all of this allows you to create an efficient workflow, which will increase your force’s productivity.

Provide real-time situational awareness

Critical decisions in a real-time crime center are based on a continuous flow of data from numerous sources. As a situation arises, operators must be able to analyze, share, and act on information as quickly as possible.

These intelligence centers combine the information into one hub for situational awareness. Large video walls within these command and control spaces contribute to operator awareness and collaboration by displaying real-time data from every relevant source onto a viewing platform visible to everyone in the room. With conscious design the audio-visual setup can also share data with other relevant locations such as an adjacent conference area or officers on site.

Monitor agency assets and critical infrastructure

The Real Time Crime Center can also help protect your assets and infrastructure. With constant monitoring and relevant alerts, an RTCC ensures that your buildings, assets, people, and even data are safe. And if something goes wrong, you’ll have the information and capabilities at your fingertips to react quickly.

A real-time crime center also pools information from sources such as traffic cameras, drone videos, and social media, allowing you a more comprehensive view into the landscape of public safety in your jurisdiction.

Execute your policing strategy more effectively

Access to real-time data means crimestoppers can be proactive instead of reactive. When it comes to public safety, having that extra edge can make all the difference. With the information and organized workflow of a real-time crime center, your team is empowered to carry out what is necessary in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Support collaboration among analysts and investigators

One of the benefits to a centralized real-time crime center is the ability to foster collaboration not only among your own analysts and investigators, but also across departments and agencies. Take for example the Real Time Intelligence Center in Lee County, Florida. In a crisis, the Lee County RTIC serves as the center of action for all agencies in Southwest Florida. FBI, DEA, fire and police — they all benefit from the intelligence of Lee County’s operations center.

Reduce response time 

Police work in an environment where even seconds can make a difference. Having a centralized Real Time Crime Center empowers your team to have critical information as events unfold, instead of after. The sooner you can receive and act on relevant information, the better — and the Real Time Crime Center empowers you to do just that.

Constant Technologies creates Real-Time Crime Centers

With innovative video wall systems, console furniture, and programming solutions by Constant Technologies, you can stay one step ahead of crime and protect public safety in your jurisdiction. We will work with you as a partner through every step of creating your real time crime center, from the initial design process all the way through post-installation service and support.

To learn more about our RTCC solutions and to receive a free design and budget consultation, contact us today.

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