Centralized Monitoring Solutions for the Technology Industry

Data visualization tools that transcend geographical boundaries

Security Operations Centers for the Technology Industry

Take a look at mission-critical solutions we designed and implemented for other leading tech organizations.

Security Control Centers that Keep Up with the Speed of Your Innovation

We don’t have to explain the value of tech to tech.

You are building the future. Constant is here to ensure that your next-generation security operations command centers propel innovation with video wall systems and 24/7 technology furniture solutions.


Delivering Proven Solutions Based on Insight and Experience

Expertise and past performance in mission critical spaces for leaders in technology.

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We’re in the Trenches with You

The vendors you choose represent you, for better or worse. Constant does the job of several providers in one. Our mission-critical experience ensures everything comes together successfully.


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If You’re There, Constant is Too

A single integrator ensures consistent processes, technologies, and standards across different regions. This leads to greater operational efficiency and a cohesive global strategy.

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Delivering Excellence

Security operations command centers, much like tech, push the boundaries of innovation. Constant Technologies consistently completes projects on-time and on-budget for the ever-evolving world of mission critical.

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Optimized Monitoring Begins with Centralized Operations​

Why You Need a Security Operations Center

Never Miss Critical Data

A state-of-the-art video wall system increases situational awareness, reduces response time, and creates a proactive vs. reactive approach​. Constant integrates data visualization tools that are rated for 24/7 environments.

​Collaborate Effectively

Centralized monitoring supports real-time collaboration and content sharing across different geographical areas. Constant offers the most secure collaboration tools created to meet industry defense-grade and enterprise zero-trust model standards.

Maximize Resources

Centralized command and control centers maximize personnel and unify communications within your organization to save time and money.  Constant designs and implements fusion centers that streamline key industry functions such as investigations, social media monitoring, and physical security.

Global business and hiring concept
Global business and hiring concept

Visualize Your GSOC with a Free Consultation

Constant expertly designs and installs security operations centers to meet your requirements. From custom video wall solutions and technology furniture to service and support, Constant ensures that your command and control center is optimized for mission-critical performance.


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