Centralized Monitoring Solutions for Fleet Operations

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Fleet Monitoring Technology Centers

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Fleet Operations Center


Fleet Operations Center


Fleet Operations Center

Innovative Fleet and Logistics Operations Centers

The demands placed on logistics services continue to grow and become more complex. Constant’s cutting-edge fleet operations centers propel innovation with mission-critical video wall systems and 24/7 technology furniture solutions.


Delivering Proven Solutions Based on Insight and Experience

Expertise and past performance in fleet management with real-time data.

Customized Solutions
Fleet Operations Experience
Reliability & Support

Comprehensive & Customized Solutions

Every fleet management firm has unique requirements based on their fleet size, types of assets, and operational goals. Constant customizes comprehensive FOC solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.


Expertise in Fleet Operations Centers

Constant has a proven track record of installing and integrating fleet operations centers. We understand the complexities of fleet management and integrate ops centers that optimize asset tracking, real-time weather contingencies, vehicle management and driver safety, and operational efficiency.


Strategic Partner

Fleet operations centers are the nerve center of an organization and are highly visible. Fleet management firms require a partner they can rely on for ongoing support, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Constant has 24/7 customer support and service capabilities, ensuring minimal downtime and quick issue resolution.

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Optimized Fleet Management Begins with Centralized Operations​

Why You Need a Fleet Operations Center

Never Miss Critical Data

FOCs provide centralized insight into vehicle maintenance, route optimization, and operational efficiency:

  • Asset tracking: ships, aircraft, vehicles and real-time insight into the health of those assets (e.g., vessel engine temperature)
  • Real-time weather contingency: re-routing, diverting, optimizing routes
  • Brand reputation: proactively mitigate events that impact public opinion
Reduce Cost

Better data leads to comprehensive cost savings. Logistics operations centers allow for visibility into information, which improves customer service, vehicle maintenance, compliance, and supply chain routing.

Operate Efficiently

An FOC improves operational efficiency by providing real-time data on key performance metrics, identifying areas for improvement, and tracking progress over time.


Visualize Your Fleet Operations Center with a Free Consultation

Constant expertly designs and installs fleet operations centers to meet your exact requirements. From custom video wall solutions and tailored technology furniture to ongoing service and support, Constant ensures that your fleet operations center is optimized for mission-critical performance.


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