Custom console

Custom Technology Furniture

Console and furniture solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of command and control centers

Benefits of Constant’s Custom Consoles

For situations demanding specialized solutions, including spatial design, equipment enclosures, and classification requirements.


Configured for Your Unique Space

Spatial constraints can require custom solutions. Constant works with you to design and build consoles for your specific needs.

Custom console

Function Meets Design Aesthetic

Ensuring that your consoles are highly functional, while also showcasing your commitment to innovation and preparedness.

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Superior Equipment Organization

In some mission critical environments, operators have an abundance of equipment that must be housed within the console. A customized solution ensures that airflow, cabling, and enclosures are specified for your equipment.


Mission-Critical Collaboration

Customized collaboration technology furniture for command and control centers.

Customized Collaboration Furniture

As a mission-critical project add-on, you can customize your collaboration spaces.

Seeking Custom Console Designs for Your Control Room?​

Let Constant’s in-house design team develop customized renderings for your console project​.