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Mission Matters: Why Your RTCC Needs a Clear Purpose

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Are you thinking about starting a Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) this year? If you are, it’s important to know your mission.

Lt. (Ret.) Sean Arthur has first-hand experience designing, building, and supervising a Real-Time Operations Center (ROC). As the project manager for the ROC at the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Lt. Arthur led the county’s project from inception to completion.

Under Lt. Arthur’s leadership, the ROC grew to be a flagship center, drawing agencies from all over the country to tour and consult with Lt. Arthur to learn how to translate the success of Collier County’s ROC into their own operations. Lt. Arthur retired after 30 years in law enforcement and now works for Constant Technologies as a Real-Time Public Safety Specialist.

In a recent conversation, Lt. Arthur emphasized the importance of establishing a mission; a Real-Time Crime Center needs a clear purpose.

Defining a Mission for Your RTCC

Lt. Arthur shared that: “In the world of law enforcement, having a clear mission is crucial. This is especially true when it comes to real-time crime rooms, where the ability to gather and analyze data in real time can make all the difference in solving cases and keeping communities safe.”

“A well-defined mission for your real-time crime room can provide the foundation for everything you do. It sets the tone for work, defines goals, and informs strategies and tactics that will be used to achieve success. Without a clear mission, it’s easy for teams to lose focus, work at cross purposes, or lose efficiency.”

So, what should your mission be, and how can you ensure that it aligns with the culture and workflow of your agency?

“First and foremost, your mission should reflect the overarching goal of your agency and public safety command center. Is it to reduce crime rates, improve response times, enhance community relations, or all of the above? By clearly defining this goal, everyone in the organization can work towards a common purpose.”

If your agency is interested in creating a public safety command center, please contact us any time. Linked here are examples of RTCCs, RTICs, CIICs, EOCs, and dispatch centers that Constant Technologies has designed and implemented for other agencies.

Create Your Command Center with Constant

While each center is unique, there are key elements that are standard: a central video wall that creates a common operating picture, a control system for information display, and durable console workstations. Constant walks you through each step of the process in creating your command center:

Public safety command centers are complex, and our team helps simplify the process. Constant will design and plan your layouts and renderings.

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