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Strategic Insights: Advancing Public Safety with Real-Time Operations Centers

Constant Technologies

Law enforcement agencies are always evolving to address a multitude of challenges, and at the National Homeland Security Conference in 2023, a panel of industry leaders convened to discuss some steps behind developing cutting-edge operations centers for intelligence sharing within the public safety community.

This video on YouTube features strategic insights shared during the conference, providing a preliminary guide to building Real-Time Operations Centers (ROC), tailored to the unique needs of law enforcement agencies.

The panel – comprising experts such as Kristen Ziman, retired Chief of Police from the Aurora Police Department; Captain Darin Hull, with the Cobb County Police Department; Sean Arthur, retired Lieutenant from the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, who is now a Real-Time Public Safety specialist at Constant Technologies; and Jay Draisin, retired Captain of the Orlando Police Department, who is now Director of the Fusus Academy and Field Support – shed light on the intricacies of Real-Time Operations Centers (ROCs), Critical Incident Intelligence Centers (CIICs), Real-Time Intelligence Centers (RTICs), and Real-Time Crime Centers (RTCCs).

Blueprint for Success

These centers serve as hubs for operations, crime prevention, intelligence analysis, and incident command – pivotal functions in the arsenal of law enforcement agencies. The blueprint to their success lies in identifying the core needs of an organization. Whether it’s real-time crime tracking, command center coordination, or cutting-edge data analysis, the panel experts guide agencies through a process of identification and customization. This video features different approaches to optimizing efficiency, enhancing security, and utilizing advanced technologies to revolutionize law enforcement.

RTCCs Customized to Your Unique Needs

The key takeaway is tailoring a center to an organization’s unique needs and solving the problems that matter most to its communities. Industry leaders offer useful insights into how they navigated the realms of operations, crime prevention, intelligence analysis, and incident command – showcasing real-world examples and strategies that could be helpful to other agencies with similar missions.

In the ever-changing landscape of law enforcement, staying ahead requires strategic thinking and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Critical Incident Centers are a functional tool that can revolutionize the way law enforcement agencies operate. Watch this video to see industry leaders share their versions of roadmaps, missions, and thought processes behind RTCCs that execute policing strategies more effectively.

Create Your RTCC with Constant

While each real-time operations center is unique, there are key elements that are standard: a central video wall that creates a common operating picture, a control system for information display, and console workstations. Constant walks you through each step of the process in creating your command center:

Public safety command centers are complex, and our team helps simplify the process. Constant will design and plan your layouts and renderings.