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The Future of Public Safety: Tulsa’s Real-Time Information Center (RTIC) 

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On August 2, 2023, the Tulsa Police Department marked a historic moment toward enhanced law enforcement capabilities, with the inauguration of its Real-Time Information Center (RTIC). In a groundbreaking leap that rivals the introduction of radios in patrol cars, the RTIC is an example of the Tulsa PD’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

A Real-Time Information Center: What Does it Do?

At its essence, the RTIC directly addresses critical challenges encountered by law enforcement on a daily basis. From combating real-time crime to surmounting staffing hurdles, this cutting-edge technology transcends being a mere tool – it stands as a force multiplier.

An advantage of the RTIC lies in its capacity to augment human intelligence through advanced tools. Officers gain access to a wealth of information that empowers them to make prompt and well-informed decisions. The RTIC facilitates “a smarter, not harder” approach to law enforcement, ultimately leading to higher solve rates.

In the realm of real-time crime, the RTIC ensures swift and effective responses. By furnishing officers with instant access to critical information, the RTIC enhances the ability to quickly prevent and respond to criminal activities.

Moreover, the RTIC assumes a pivotal role in mitigating staffing challenges. Through streamlined and efficient processes, the RTIC optimizes manpower, ensuring effective resource utilization and allowing officers to concentrate on keeping the community safe.

The RTIC represents more than a technological upgrade; it signifies a commitment to forging a safer and more secure community. By harnessing the power of technology, Tulsa PD prioritizes proactive, data-driven decision-making.

Take a Look Inside Tulsa’s RTIC

Watch the video below to take a look inside Tulsa’s RTIC. Get a sense of how this RTIC is reshaping law enforcement in Tulsa and serving as a model for agencies nationwide.

The Real-Time Information Center is more than a hub of data; it’s a tool for building a stronger, safer community.

Create Your RTIC with Constant Technologies

The Tulsa PD RTIC was designed and installed by Constant Technologies. While each RTIC is unique, there are key elements that are standard: a central video wall that creates a common operating picture, a control system for information display, and console workstations. Constant walks you through each step of the process in creating your RTIC:

Public safety command centers are complex, and our team helps simplify the process. Constant will design and plan your layouts and renderings.

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