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A Look Inside the Real Time Intelligence Center

Lee County Sheriff's Office Real-Time Intelligence Center (RTIC) with video walls for situational awareness and ergonomic consoles
Constant Technologies

Take a look inside the future of public safety with our new video. Lee County’s Real Time Intelligence Center is a state-of-the-art operations center working round the clock to keep the community safe.

This is the Real Time Intelligence Center. The modern take on public safety, protection, and surveillance. For Lee County, Florida, it’s revolutionizing the way they work.

This high-tech real-time crime center gathers information from all over the state. Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Lee County’s intelligence center is the future of crime fighting and prevention.

Traffic cameras. Drone videos. Social media threats. The Real Time Intelligence Center monitors it all. And a team of trained analysts jumps into action when incidents happen.

In a crisis, the Lee County RTIC serves as the center of action for all agencies in Southwest Florida. FBI, DEA, fire and police — they all benefit from the intelligence of Lee County’s operations center. (add something about making people in the community safer

Access to real-time data means crimestoppers can be proactive instead of reactive. When it comes to public safety, having that extra edge can make all the difference. With innovative solutions by Constant Technologies, the Lee County sheriff’s office stays one step ahead of  crime.

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