Control Room Console Furniture

Technology furniture for the fast pace of 24/7 command centers and mission-critical operations 


The Right Consoles Make All the Difference for Your Operators

Constant’s control room furniture is ergonomic, durable, and designed for operator comfort during long shifts. 


Healthcare Command Center


Real-Time Intelligence Center


Global Security Operations Center


Ensuring Proper Site Lines


Global Security Operations Center

Desks are for Offices. Consoles are for When Your Mission is Critical.

Our technology furniture is purpose-built for 24/7 environments, to accommodate for evolving equipment changes and reconfigurations.


Endurance Series Sit-Stand Console

Featuring a full-depth tech cabinet and ample leg room

freedom-console-ergonomic design-2

Freedom Series Sit-Stand Console

Featuring multiple cable pathways and ample cabinet storage


Endurance Sit-Stand Pods

Three- and four-position adjustable-height worksurface pods, grouped for collaboration


Contender Series Fixed-Height Console

A full-depth work surface with a range of configurations


Simplicity Series Fixed-Height Console

Quick and cost-effective


Custom Console Solutions

Customize everything from functionality to size


GSA Console Solutions

All standard console lines are available on the GSA schedule


Conference Tables & Credenzas

As a project add-on, we also offer custom credenzas and conference tables

Your Choice for Mission Critical Technology Furniture

40+ years providing operations center consoles around the world, for public and private sectors.

Made in the USA
Lifetime Warranty
Expert Installation

Made in the USA

Constant is an American manufacturer of operations center consoles, with its headquarters in Rhode Island and manufacturing facilities in Elkhart, Indiana. “Made in the USA” is not just a label; it reflects a commitment to both our customers and country.


Lifetime Warranty

Our technology furniture consoles come with a lifetime warranty, ensuring high quality and performance for the entirety of their use. Constant warrants that our consoles and technical furniture are free from defects in workmanship, given normal use and care, for the lifetime of their use.

Lifetime Warranty

Purpose-Built for 24/7 Use

The demands of a 24/7 mission-critical environment mean you can’t use just any furniture. You need mission-critical consoles and technology furniture that is ergonomically designed with ample equipment enclosure and cable management that ensures signal integrity.


Expert Installation

Impeccable planning requires an installation of equal excellence. Our dedicated technology furniture team, driven and skilled, is focused and hard-working. They know what needs to be done, and they do it – consistently – all over the world.


Seeking Console Designs for Your Control Room?​

Let Constant’s in-house design team develop customized renderings for your console project​.