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Control Room Consoles

Overhead view of control room design with operator consoles and large video wall

Constant Technologies offers control room console furniture solutions for all technology environments.

From aviation control rooms to security consoles, oil and gas, manufacturing, and process control, we provide a variety of configuration options for our custom-designed control room consoles.

What is a Control Room Console?

As the name implies, a control room console is a key part of your command center. It includes the desk for your mission-critical operations with purpose-build details such as equipment storage and cable management. Your business needs are unique, and your console should be as well.

Custom Control Room Consoles

Our custom control room console configurations include triple or quadruple pod groupings to allow you maximum flexibility to meet your needs. We build our control room consoles to suit your exact operations and specifications.

Because these rooms are in use 24/7, our control room furniture is designed to withstand rigorous environments with round-the-clock use.

Control Room Console Solutions

Our control room consoles are constructed with a metal or high-strength aluminum substructure rather than wood. In addition, Constant understands the unique demands of control room console design. To accommodate the special requests of a control room setting, we provide control room furniture solutions that address electric, cabling, and workspace requirements while also maintaining operator comfort and high-end aesthetics.

Our control room consoles are constructed in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.