Threat Protection Centers for the Finance Industry

Optimize incident response and situational awareness

Global Security Operations Centers for the Finance Industry

Take a look at mission-critical solutions we designed and implemented for other leading finance organizations.


From Risk to Resilience: Security Operations Centers with a Trusted Partner

While you are maximizing capital for your stakeholders, Constant ensures that your global security operations centers manage risks effectively and keep operations lean and efficient.

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Delivering Proven Solutions Based on Insight and Experience

Expertise and past performance in mission-critical spaces for leaders in finance.

Trusted Ally
Global Reach

Long-Term Partnerships

Through continued partnerships in the finance sector, Constant collaborates with your organization to develop standardized processes, innovative designs, and comprehensive plans. Our deep understanding of your mission-critical needs allows us to ensure everything comes together successfully.


If You’re There, Constant is Too

Constant’s global reach as a single integrator brings numerous benefits to your organization. By establishing consistent technologies and standards across different regions, we ensure greater operational efficiency and facilitate a cohesive global strategy.

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Delivering Excellence

Optimize financial assets through effective risk management. With Constant as your trusted partner, you can consolidate the roles of multiple vendors into one, benefiting from streamlined operations that ensure projects are completed on-time and on-budget.

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Security Monitoring Begins with Centralized Operations​

Why You Need a GSOC

Fraud Protection and Investigations Centers

By integrating data into a centralized hub, you gain improved situational awareness, accelerated response times, and the ability to proactively mitigate theft and fraud risks. This approach ensures quick and visible threat protection that benefits all stakeholders involved.

Streamline Information Sources

Centralized command and control centers organize and prioritize information sources to manage information overflow and keep up with intrusions, threats, and cyber risks. Constant designs and implements fusion centers that streamline functions such as investigations, social media monitoring, fraud protection, and physical security.

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​Global Collaboration

Experience global collaboration and content sharing through centralized monitoring systems. Our fusion centers streamline operations, ensuring efficient collaboration and resource allocation, ultimately driving operational excellence and maximizing organizational effectiveness.

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Partner with Industry-Leading GSOC Experts

Constant expertly designs and installs operations centers to meet your requirements. From custom video wall solutions and tailored technology furniture to ongoing service and support, Constant ensures that your command and control center is optimized for mission-critical performance.

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