Console Freight and Installation Services

Constant offers global logistics and installation services for our custom-built technology furniture

Secure Transportation and Expert Installation

Constant ensures a premium freight experience, for the consoles we manufacture, utilizing dedicated trucks exclusively for your order, blanket-wrapping items for sustainability, employing logistics experts for carrier selection, and providing full logistics support with on-board supplies. Our commitment includes proper unloading, accommodating liftgates and specific truck sizes, adhering to specific delivery times, and real-time tracking for enhanced transparency.

Our technicians undergo specialized training to professionally install consoles, utilizing proper techniques to prevent product damage. Their expertise increases efficiency, follows a precise order of operations, and our dedicated staff commits to working the necessary hours to meet deadlines.


Custom Console Logistics

Constant offers freight options for its consoles that exceed industry standards.

Dedicated Trucks
Tailored Solutions
Unloading Process

Dedicated Trucks for Exclusive Shipments

We prioritize your orders by utilizing dedicated trucks with no other stops or additional freight besides your shipment. This exclusive service guarantees swift and secure transportation, minimizing handling and ensuring the safe delivery of your Constant consoles.

Dedicated Truck

Environmentally-Conscious Practices

We are committed to sustainability. To cut down on waste and promote environmental responsibility, items are meticulously blanket-wrapped during transit. Not only does this practice reduce expenses, but it also aligns with eco-friendly initiatives.


Expertise and Professionalism

Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with the necessary supplies and equipment on-board, ensuring the consoles are handled with utmost care. With comprehensive training and industry expertise, our staff guarantees an efficient delivery and installation process, providing you with peace of mind.


Tailored Logistics Solutions

We collaborate with a logistics broker to identify the best carriers for transporting consoles. Our full logistics trucks come equipped with blankets, dollies, and other essentials to secure the items properly. Whether you require liftgates, specific truck sizes, or have specific delivery time preferences, we tailor our services to meet your unique requirements.


Real-Time Tracking

We believe in transparency and accountability. Our fleet tracking technology allows you to know the exact location of your shipment at any given time. This real-time tracking feature ensures that you are always in the loop, providing you with confidence in the reliability of our services.


Precise and Efficient Unloading Process

Upon arrival, our expert team brings the items into the building and unloads them with precision. We understand the importance of proper handling, especially for mission-critical consoles.


Avoid Damages Caused by Self-Shipping

Trust Constant with packaging and shipping the consoles we build for you, ensuring your technology furniture reaches its destination without any issues.

Damage 5

Example of Self-Shipped Items

Instead, trust Constant to prevent damages and delays.

Damage 9

Example of Self-Shipped Items

Use Constant’s shipping services to avoid damages and delays.

Damage 8

Example of Self-Shipped Items

Constant’s logistics services: secure delivery of your custom Constant consoles.

Expert On-Site Console Installations

Constant’s on-site installation experts bring invaluable adaptability, navigating unforeseen challenges that often arise between the design and installation phases, leveraging their product knowledge to ensure a successful setup amid evolving conditions.

Constant excels not only in the seamless installation of consoles but also in overcoming challenges that arise during complex installations. Our in-house team possesses the expertise and problem-solving skills necessary to tackle various obstacles, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation process.


Constant Technologies-2139
Seamless Integration by Expert Technicians

Our highly skilled team comprises experienced technicians who specialize in installing consoles with precision. They understand the intricacies of each system, ensuring seamless integration into your business environment.

Time and Cost Efficiency

While self-installation might seem like a cost-saving measure, it often leads to time delays and unexpected challenges. Our trained professionals streamline the installation process, saving you valuable time and resources. Additionally, their proficiency reduces the risk of errors, minimizing the need for costly corrections or replacements in the long run.

Constant Technologies-2246
Minimized Disruptions to Your Operations

Our installation team works swiftly and efficiently, minimizing disruptions to your daily operations. They understand the importance of your business continuity and strive to complete installations with minimal downtime. This approach ensures that your team can focus on their tasks without prolonged interruptions.

Constant Technologies-2158
Customized Solutions for Complex Installations

For businesses with unique installation requirements, our team offers customized solutions. Whether you have specific spatial constraints, technical challenges, or specialized configurations, our experts devise tailored installation plans. This level of customization guarantees that your consoles are installed optimally, regardless of the complexity of your setup.

Constant Technologies-2193
Comprehensive Training and Support

Beyond installation, our team provides comprehensive training to your staff, empowering them to utilize the consoles to their fullest potential. We ensure that your team is proficient in operating the systems, maximizing the benefits of your investment. Additionally, our ongoing support ensures that any issues are promptly addressed.

Constant Technologies-2149
Peace of Mind and Quality Assurance

By entrusting our professionals with the installation process, you gain peace of mind knowing that your consoles are in capable hands. We uphold the highest standards of quality assurance, guaranteeing that installations are executed efficiently. This commitment to excellence safeguards your investment and ensures the longevity of your consoles.

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Past Performance is the Best Proof There Is

Console installation experience you can see.

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