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Constant Department Highlight: Installation Team

A Constant Technologies Installation team member working with wires under a console
Constant Technologies

At Constant, we’re proud of our team and the hard work that each department puts into serving our customers. This blog series highlights our
major departments and the efforts they make to ensure our clients always receive the highest caliber support and service. Each month we will post about a different department at Constant.

Part 1 gave a behind the scenes glance at our control room furniture department.

In part 2 of this series, we’d like to share more about our team of installers who make the NOC designers’ visions come to life.

Constant’s installation team enables your operators to perform vital work within your command center installation. From the complex cabling in AV racks to furniture assembly and equipment management, our install team is trained and experienced in every aspect of mission critical installation. When our team installs your command center furniture and the components of your audiovisual setup such as the video wall system, we aim for optimal functionality and aesthetics. Our values are carried out from initial introduction all the way through the completion of the project.

At Constant, we place a lot of importance on the planning phase of your operations center space design, with a free design consultation and detail-oriented processes every step of the way. The installation of your operations center is every bit as important as the planning phase and is vital to the success of your mission critical operations. All the planning would be futile without an installation of equal caliber. That’s why at Constant, our installation team is a key component of our success.

Robert Arnone, Vice President of Operations at Constant, said, “Our installation team helps to single us out from all the other AV integrators. I often say that many companies can sell the same electronics that are available out in the market, but what makes Constant different is the design, the programming, and the installation teams that put all the pieces together.”

Every step of your project receives 100% of the effort at Constant; we are as dedicated at the end as at the beginning. From sales to design to installation, each department works together as a team to provide a solution that best serves the client. The care that Constant puts into each and every project is evident in the finished product. Said Arnone, “There is so much individual pride and effort that goes into our techs’ work that it makes the whole team better. You can see it in the detail of our schematics and designs, the neatness of our racks, and the interaction with our clients that we give them the best operation centers possible.”

Our slogan at Constant is “from concept through completion”: every phase of your command center project from the initial contact all the way through the end of installation (and even beyond) is attended to with painstaking detail by members of our Constant team. Each department has an important role to play and our installation team completes the vital job of putting it all together.

To learn more about our command center design process and find out how we can provide video wall solutions, command center furniture and more, contact us today.

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About Constant:

Constant Technologies, Inc. is a premier mission critical audiovisual
integrator providing customized
AV systems integration of
24/7 command center video walls and operations center furniture worldwide. With over three decades of experience,
Constant’s team has the knowledge and clearance to work with sensitive environments in the
public and private sectors and has experience creating custom, turnkey solutions all
over the world. As experts in
control room design, Constant designs, installs and services projects of all
scopes and sizes to create solutions with the highest levels of
security, aesthetics and functionality in mind. Some of Constant’s installations have included
Social Media Command Centers, Network Operations Centers, EOC builds, Fleet Operations Centers, Fusion Centers, Command Centers, Security Operations Centers,and other command and control environments.


July 26, 2018