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The Art of What’s Possible

1. Floor Plan

For Constant Technologies to begin the command center design, the client first provides either a floor plan or approximate room dimensions.

2. Conceptual Layouts

After discussing the scope of the project and reviewing the operations center requirements, a project manager determines what types of furniture, audio visual solutions, and room configurations work best to suit the client’s needs. Our architectural design staff produces multiple detailed views and revisions are done until the client’s exact needs are met.

3. Architectural Drawing

Once the optimal design is reached, dimensions are verified and important details are added to the design set, such as wall blocking, conduit locations and floor tile cutouts.

4. Full Color Rendering

All features of the room are taken into account for the computer generated rendering. From console colors to lighting schematics, all architectural components, including carpet samples and wall colors, are reviewed in order to generate a rendering that is practically a picture perfect representation of the end result of your new command center.

5. Completed Project

Photograph of the completed installation.

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