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Video Wall System for Operation Centers

Video Wall Integration

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Constant Technologies provides video wall integration in both the public and private sectors. Video wall systems for operations centers are a major investment for modern businesses. A quick consultation ensures we provide you with the best video wall system for your space.

Constant Technologies is invested in developing a relationship with our clients. We are always interested in hearing from those who use a video wall system provided by us.

It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each of the major display technologies available in the professional 24/7 video display wall market. As mission-critical AV integrators, Constant Technologies works with a number of reputable video wall companies and helps determine the best technology and installation for your video wall.

LCD Video Wall

LCD video walls have long served as the main display type in the mission-critical video wall industry due to their relative affordability, 24/7 reliability, and high-resolution displays. An LCD display wall has a low pixel pitch and can be viewed with clarity from close distances.

As a mission-critical systems integrator, Constant installs LCD data walls with the narrowest bezels, most flexible mounting systems, and slimmest installation depths to ensure your organization has a best-in-class video wall system.

LCD technology houses liquid crystals in between two plates of glass. These types of systems can run 24/7 for several years at a time without needing to be turned off. The crystals have historically been somewhat distracting for people using the large LCD video walls as part of a simulator. They can become slow to move to another image if one static image is left up for an extended period of time.

This technology is popular for its durability and is one of the most affordable, however. It is resistant to shock and humidity, and it doesn’t use consumable parts.

LED Video Wall

LED video walls are energy efficient and, with no bezel edge, can be used to create a nearly seamless video wall solution. Because the margins in an LED display are smaller than LCD, more facets can be used for a more precise, tight, curve, making LED data wall tiles more desirable for creating a curved video wall.

These are a frequent choice for those using large signs in an interior space or outfitting a control room. The interior LED video wall is a development from the old outdoor lighting technology using LEDs. The screens now have much smaller LED clusters, and they provide amazing images inside buildings as well.

4K Video Wall

A 4K video wall is defined by the number of pixels in a display when measured horizontally. 4K display walls are a popular choice because the resolution and picture quality are unmatched, with four times the resolution of full HD.

This technology produces imagery in 4k depending upon the streaming or video recording technology as well as the video wall installation. It’s important to keep in mind that you will need image support for the pixel count if you want to use it fully.

With 4K display technology, it is important to ensure that all hardware and cabling infrastructure is built to process 4K signals. Constant Technologies is mindful of all factors, from cabling to processing, when installing your operations center video wall.

Constant offers top-of-the-line solutions to give you the best video wall for your space. With over 30 years of experience, Constant installs video wall display systems in a variety of mission-critical environments such as Network Operations Centers, Security Operations Centers, Cyber Operations Centers, and Control Rooms. We offer flexible solutions that perform at peak efficiency under rigorous demands while also serving as a showpiece video wall.

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