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Constant Technologies provides a wide variety of control center furniture specifically engineered for the rigors and fast pace of a 24/7 command center environment.

command center console furniture

Console Furniture

Constant Technologies console systems are designed for the functionality necessary in a command and control environment. Our mission critical consoles efficiently accommodate all your operator equipment and cabling to turn your operations into a clean, clutter-free environment.

We also understand that change is inevitable, so we design our modular consoles for future equipment changes and reconfigurations. Offered in either wood or steel substructure with the highest quality laminates and wood veneers, Constant’s operations center furniture is a key component of your state-of-the art facility.

command center workstation furniture


While console furniture allows for clean sight lines and open communication between operators, Constant’s workstations are the operations center translation of the cubicle. Individual stations can be configured for one to four users and set up in clusters that help you streamline your work environment and processes. Workstations offer more operator privacy and storage space than the typical console, while still providing the ergonomics, functionality, and durability required by 24/7 mission critical operators.

command center training & multipurpose room furniture

Training/Multipurpose Rooms

We understand that some operations center environments must be flexible and easily reconfigurable to adapt to a variety of functions. We help you choose components that will provide a multipurpose environment, allowing for a space to quickly adapt when operations requires. Whether it’s a training room that must become an emergency operations center or a conferencing area that must convert into a backup ops center, Constant has the expertise and design methodologies to help you get the most from your command center furniture.

conference room & situation room furniture

Conference/Situation Rooms

The relationship between control centers and conjoining conferencing areas can be crucial in a mission critical environment. In addition to control room furniture, Constant Technologies also designs and manufactures conferencing furniture, taking into account all important functionality necessary to the operation. We use only the highest quality woods, laminates, and wood veneers. We can also integrate receptacles for power/voice/data into your conference room furniture to connect efficiently to the resources of your operations center.