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Video Walls for Mission Critical Facilities

We’ve created the ultimate in mission-critical video walls, delivered by industry experts with a proven record of ongoing success.

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Our state-of-the-art video wall visualization systems feature top-performing products partnered with leading design and innovation. Constant Technologies is second to none when it comes to video wall design for mission-critical command and control facilities.

The technology in 24/7 operations centers must be held to higher standards than your average venue. Our video wall systems deliver the reliability demanded by mission-critical applications, in addition to stunning visuals and the latest display technology.

Each of our Constant Technologies video wall designs is purpose-built, and carefully installed by our team of experts. We use a vendor-agnostic approach to ensure that the technology we use is reliable and perfectly suited to your specific use case.

We meticulously vet our products because we know, in your operations center, there is no room for failure.

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Our Turnkey Video Wall Solutions Include:

  • Video Wall Displays: Video wall displays are the screens that come together to create a video wall. They need to be of the highest quality to present information in the clearest possible format.
  • Video Wall Controllers: You need complete control over the information your video walls present and how you present it. The video wall controllers make it simple to manage the content on your screens.
  • Video Wall Processors: The video wall processor is software that manages the content on multiple screens, working to bring the information together into a single display.
  • Accessories and Hardware: Video walls use different accessories and hardware to link such large displays together. Constant offers the highest quality accessories to ensure longevity and high performance.
  • Customizable Design: We design your video wall to meet your business’s specific needs – the design is extremely customizable.
  • Installation: We will work with you to make sure your video wall is fully set up, and that you have the training you need to maximize its benefits.
  • Service Contract Options: Constant also provides different service contract options to help you with any questions or issues you might have with your video wall.

Why Choose Constant?

Unparalleled Expertise

At Constant Technologies, our team has installed video walls for decades; with an exclusive focus on delivering unique, high-tech solutions for mission critical. This means we know better than anyone else how to put a level of care into our video wall installations and what products will work best to accomplish your goals.

We’re proud to have worked with data-secure industries from governmental departments to transportation hubs, to weather teams, and to other tech companies. If there’s a need for visual wall solutions, trust us: we’ve got the right experience and industry knowledge to match your requirements.

Customized Design

The display technology used in our video walls comes in a wide range of sizes and types from a number of different vendors. We work with you to determine the best technology for your space, giving you a custom solution tailored to your unique needs. Every job is different, so every visual wall should match.

We don’t sell an “out of the box” solution, because in our business there is no such thing. We sell technology solutions for when you vitally need a visual wall to display real-time data and images to make critical decisions that affect millions of people. There’s no one-size-fits-all for that – your video wall design is based on your order with your needs in mind, every single time.

Expert Installation

Your video wall system will be installed and integrated by our expert team of experienced programmers and technicians. We provide turn-key video walls so that your A/V solution is ready to run from day 1.

We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied, and satisfaction can’t be achieved until your visual wall solution is up and running seamlessly. We’ll never leave you with the idea that “the kinks will work themselves out” or “you’ll get used to it.” We are there to set you up, train you in how to use it, and make for the best visual wall experience possible.

Service and Support

At Constant, we offer clients several tiers of technical service and support, from on-demand time and materials to multi-year contracts. Additionally, preventative maintenance and extended hardware warranties are made available to those we serve.

We want you to be happy, and not just when we install your visual wall and walk out the door, but when your visual wall becomes an asset to your organization for years to come. We have care plans that can protect you in urgent situations, and ensure a long life for your visual wall.

What is a Video Wall?

Constant is one of the leading video wall companies, utilizing advanced technology to create bespoke video wall displays for businesses and organizations around the world.

But let’s go back to the basics – what is a video wall?

A video wall is a large display that brings multiple video screens together to create a single, logical screen. They’re normally mounted to a wall, meaning the size of the display is only limited by the size of your building.

This is incredibly useful because it allows you to bring together lots of data in one place and make it easy to consume.

Perhaps the easiest way to picture it is by thinking of the screens you see in a space launch, or even a movie involving military command or the FBI. By giving an entire room easy access to large amounts of data, the video wall helps streamline operations and makes collaboration possible.

Our Impressive Range of Video Wall Technologies Include:

LCD Video Walls

We select LCD displays with unparalleled brightness, clarity, and reliability. Constant Technologies only works with vendors who provide products with the longevity necessary for mission-critical. LCD displays have long served as the main display type in mission-critical areas due to their 24/7 reliability and high-resolution display at a relatively affordable cost.

LED Video Walls

The LED displays deployed by Constant embody the best that the industry has to offer in quality and durability. With top-of-the-line visualization and 24/7 reliability, we carefully select products from a number of hand-picked vendors. LED video walls are energy efficient and, with no bezel edge, can be used to create an early seamless video wall solution. With smaller margins than LCD, LED displays are the optimal choice to create a curved video wall.

4K Video Walls

Currently, 4K video walls are a popular choice because the resolution and picture quality are unmatched, with four times the resolution of full HD. With 4K video wall displays, it is important to ensure that all hardware and cabling infrastructure is built to process 4K signals. Constant is mindful of all factors – from cabling to processing – when installing your operations center video wall.

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