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Real Time Crime Center Design

image of a real time incident center with large video wall

This is the Real Time Intelligence Center. The modern take on public safety and protection. For many departments across the country, it’s revolutionizing the way they work.

These high-tech real-time crime centers (RTCC) gather information from all over. Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, real-time intelligence centers are the future of  public safety.

Traffic cameras. Drone videos. Weather events. Social media mentions. A Real Time Crime Center monitors it all. And a team of trained analysts jumps into action when incidents happen.

In a crisis, the RTCC serves as the center of action for all agencies in the region. FBI, DEA, fire and police —they all benefit from the intelligence an operations center.

Access to real-time data means public safety professionals can be proactive instead of reactive. When it comes to public safety, having that extra edge can make all the difference. With innovative solutions by Constant Technologies, your sheriff’s office stay one step ahead of critical incidents.

These spaces can go by many different names: Real Time Crime Center (RTCC), Strategic Information Center, Real Time Intelligence Center, Crime Information Center, Strategic Decision Support Center. Regardless of what you call it, the mission is the same. An integrated real time intelligence center allows for advanced detection, rapid communication, and efficient response. This information is useful to major metropolitan areas as well as county or town police departments.

In this type of environment, it is vital that the solutions and design are reliable. Working with an expert firm like Constant Technologies—which offers design, integration, project management, installation, and service—will ensure that your real time crime center meets the unique demands of mission critical.

When Constant meets with each client, we carefully consider their goals, needs, and wants to create a custom tailored solution to exactly fit the needs of their real-time incident center. When creating an RTCC, we design solutions such as video wall displays, control systems, and operations center consoles with the utmost care.

Free Design and Budget Consultation


We bring all aspects of your operational space into consideration including console layouts, video wall placement and sight lines, acoustics, workflow and more. Our experts help you analyze your needs and create the ideal Real Time Crime Center layout.


Our project managers have the knowledge and skills to execute projects of any size, on schedule and within budget. We assure that the installation moves smoothly from the planning phase through to room completion of your new Crime Information Center.


Constant offers a variety of solutions for your Real Time Intelligence Center including display wall technology, video wall processors, source routing and control as well as audio and video conferencing integration. Our audio/visual solutions are engineered for 24/7, mission critical control room environments.


Constant Technologies provides Real Time Incident Center furniture including ergonomic consoles and workstations as well as conferencing and situation room tables. We understand the importance of operator comfort and safety. Our furniture solutions combine the aesthetics and durability necessary for your operations center.


Strategic Information Centers must maintain the highest levels of performance, reliability and security. Constant Technologies integrates customized, innovative solutions that have a record of superior dependability.


The Constant team takes great care in the integration of our Real Time Crime Center solutions. After the installation is complete, we remain close at hand for additional support whenever you need it. Our skilled technicians and system engineers are here for you to offer mission critical support.