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Situational Awareness in Mission Critical Spaces

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In mission critical spaces, situational awareness is absolutely vital. The ultimate goal in every command and control operation is to be aware of critical events as they unfold and, with the right technology, to identify the risk factors that may lead to such events so they can be prevented from happening.

Critical decisions in an organization or business are based on a continuous flow of data from numerous sources. As a situation arises, operators must be able to analyze, share, and act on information as quickly as possible.

Command centers combine the information into one center for situational awareness. Large video walls within these command and control spaces contribute to operator awareness and collaboration by displaying real-time data from every relevant source onto a viewing platform that is visible to everyone in the room. With conscious design the audio-visual setup can also share data with other relevant locations, whether that’s an adjacent conference room or a second operations center at a separate site.

Proactive situational awareness demands that operators gather, analyze, and disseminate information in a timely manner. The audiovisual system in an operations center plays an irreplaceable role in completing those tasks. In addition to the video wall technology that can display a wide variety of sources, operational efficiency hinges on managing the flow and control of data. Video wall processors and control systems can assist with this.

In the management of mission critical data, it’s vital to define the types of information you will need, how you will gather and analyze it, and how you will manage and share the information. An organization cannot truly have situational awareness without having a clear and organized plan for the data gathered in an operations center. During the process of creating your operations center, a project manager from Constant can work with you to determine the exact functionalities necessary for your operations center to integrate an intuitive system.

Finally, for continued situational awareness an operation center needs to maintain peak performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The equipment that goes in these spaces must be as reliable as possible in order to live up to the task. An experienced project manager will know which products have been tested and proven resilient enough for these demanding environments.

Not every video wall or desk would be up to the task. 24/7 use puts a lot of demands upon the technology and the furniture in a space. Having reliable technology and durable command center furniture ensures that your mission critical operations can continue without a hitch.

At Constant, we have worked with clients in a wide variety of command and control environments from network operations, emergency operations, and security operations all the way to social media command centers.

Contact us today to discuss your operations center project and how we can help to facilitate and improve the situational awareness in your space.

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