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Emergency Operations Centers

An Emergency Operations Center is a centralized command and control room where public safety, emergency response, and support agencies can plan, prepare and respond to a wide variety of events. Emergency Operations Centers are often used by the local, state or federal government to coordinate many different departments into one cohesive preparedness and response center. Shared information must be brought together and quickly analyzed to make potentially lifesaving decisions that can affect an entire population of citizens.

At Constant, we know that public safety can depend on an EOC building running at peak efficiency. Emergency Operations staff must be able to display a variety of data from within the EOC as well as external video and audio sources so that the correct response plan can be developed and implemented across multiple agencies.

EOCs are not just used in emergency situations; often the spaces are used for multipurpose meetings and training events, making the most of the technology investment. This means that the furniture and audio/visual components must be carefully selected and configured to allow for rapid response when the space needs to go into EOC mode.

Constant has worked in a variety of EOC environments and has the experience to help you get the most out of your space. We can help you to determine the best emergency operations center design and layout for furniture as well as integrate the audio/visual technology that best suits your needs. Our control systems allow users to easily interface with the technology. We have developed furniture solutions that allow for collaboration within an EOC but adapt to a classroom and training environment, with strategically placed power and network plug-ins and video wall solutions.

Constant offers free Emergency Operations Center analysis so contact us today to begin design options for your new EOC.

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We bring all aspects of your operational space into consideration including console layouts, video wall placement and sight lines, acoustics, workflow and more. Our experts help you analyze your needs and create the ideal Emergency Operations Center layout.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Our project managers have the knowledge and skills to execute projects of any size, on schedule and within budget. We assure that the installation moves smoothly from the planning phase through to room completion of your new EOC.

AUDIO/VISUAL SOLUTIONS: Constant offers a variety of solutions for your Emergency Operations Center including display wall technology, video wall processors, source routing and control as well as audio and video conferencing integration. Our audio/visual solutions are engineered for 24/7, mission critical control room environments.

TECHNOLOGY FURNITURE SOLUTIONS: Constant Technologies provides EOC furniture including ergonomic consoles and workstations as well as conferencing and situation room tables. We understand the importance of operator comfort and safety. Our furniture solutions combine the aesthetics and durability necessary for your operations center.

RELIABILITY: Emergency Operations Centers must maintain the highest levels of performance, reliability and security. Constant Technologies integrates customized, innovative solutions that have a record of superior dependability.

SUPPORT: The Constant team takes great care in the integration of our Emergency Operations Center solutions. After the installation is complete, we remain close at hand for additional support whenever you need it. Our skilled technicians and system engineers are here for you to offer mission critical support.