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Fleet Management with Real-Time Data

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Fleet owners face unique challenges. The constantly mobile components that they must manage add another layer of complexity to typical business management.

Access to real-time data and the use of fleet operations centers lend critical insights for better decision-making. This data monitoring is essential to staying on top of a rapidly changing environment and has been proven to improve fleet management.

A recent report into fleet technology trends made it clear that using technology for fleet management and monitoring yields positive, tangible results.GPS fleet tracking technology, despite initial startup costs, has a positive ROI with relatively short turnaround. 32% of those surveyed reported a positive ROI within only 6 months of beginning use of the software.

That’s only the beginning of the positive results. 96% of fleets who reported using GPS tracking software found that it was beneficial to their fleet management. Here are some of the ways fleet managers have benefited from tracking technology:

Decreased Costs

Sophisticated fleet management software means that fleet managers have better data with which to make decisions. Better data enables more streamlined decision-making and a reduction in costs across the board. Survey respondents with GPS fleet technology reported on average 8% decrease in fuel costs, 11% reduction in accident costs, and 10% decrease in labor costs.

Critical Improvements

Use of technology not only reduced costs for fleet managers, it also led them to improve in critical areas of their business. Across the services industry, 80% of fleet managers said they saw improved productivity. The services and transportation industries also reported improved customer service and vehicle maintenance, with an average of 56% and 52% respectively reporting these improvements. Additionally, transportation industry fleet managers reported improved compliance and routing with the use of fleet tracking technology.

Using Fleet Tracking Technology in an Operations Center

Fleet Operations Center
Constant assisted Carnival with their state-of-the-art fleet operations center, which has the capability to monitor all nine Carnival Corporation lines and their 104 ship fleet.

Two key elements of successful fleet management are collaboration and the use of real-time data. As detailed above, the right technology to gather that real-time data can be incredibly beneficial. But it still needs to be used correctly to yield optimal results.

The best way to utilize real-time fleet data and collaborate is within a Fleet Operations Center (FOC).

A large-scale video wall shares vital, real-time data in a way that is easy to interpret and can be shared collaboratively. Video wall systems within an FOC can also be outfitted with the capability to share the video wall content with adjacent rooms. This allows team members in all areas to work with the same data and collaborate.

The overall space design can also impact access to data and potential for collaboration. It is important to arrange the command center furniture so that all key operators can easily view the video wall display system. Floor plan and operations center furniture choices such as consoles arranged in pods can also impact the ease of collaboration among operators.

Constant Technologies Helps You Monitor Your Fleet

Constant Technologies has decades of experience implementing mission critical data monitoring centers, including fleet operations centers. Whether you need a video wall system, console furniture, or both, Constant provides partnership from the initial concept through the completion of the project and works with you to provide a truly customized solution.

To receive a free design and budget consultation for your fleet management project, contact us today.

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