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Fleet Management and Operator Safety

Constant Technologies

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in conjunction with GPS tracking, dashcam video, and other sources of information gathering are making big changes within the world of fleet management.

Increased operator safety is one of the most important results of more sophisticated fleet management technology. Whether you manage a fleet of trucks, ships, or planes, having extra visibility can make for a significant increase in harm reduction. One Verizon Connect survey found that fleet operators who used telematics technology saw a 22% decrease in accidents.

When your organization relies on a mobile workforce, it can be difficult to determine what employees experience day to day in the field. Using telematics and fleet operations centers can help you keep an eye on situations as they unfold, ensuring worker safety and asset protection.

Smart video and AI solutions can assist in a fleet operations center by classifying event severity and filtering what data needs immediate attention. This keeps operators from being overwhelmed by data, ensuring they only receive alerts for relevant events.

The safety of your operators is a key benefit of a fleet operations center, but there are other benefits as well. Data monitoring helps provide context to situations, illuminating areas for improvement. This can protect reputations and reduce costs without increasing the workload.

Creating an operations center for fleet monitoring

The best way to monitor data related to your fleet is through a dedicated fleet operations center. With a large, centrally located video wall, operators can quickly interpret and respond to data.

The overall space design of the fleet operations center can also impact the access to data and potential for collaboration. It is important to arrange the command center furniture so all key operators can easily view the video wall display. Floor plan and furniture choices, such as consoles arranged in pods, can also impact the ease of collaboration among operators.

Constant Technologies has decades of experience implementing mission critical data monitoring centers, including fleet operations centers.Whether you need a video wall system, console furniture, or both, Constant provides partnership from the initial concept through the completion of the project.

To learn more about Constant’s fleet operations centers and how they facilitate optimal fleet management, contact us today. Our design and budget consultation is free.

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