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Data Monitoring Critical for Managing Fleets

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This year has been one of unprecedented growth for the logistics industry. The rapid and significant uptick in demand has placed new pressures on fleet management efficiency and performance.

Managing a fleet can be challenging even under normal circumstances, but with the unexpected curve-balls of 2020, reliance on proper fleet performance has increased. For organizations that depend on fleets and mobile employees, efficiency can be optimized with a centralized monitoring center to provide actionable insights for improving performance and optimizing efficiency.

Successful fleet managers use data to identify trends and establish benchmarks for their operators. Data from their fleet also allows them to make informed recommendations to create improvements in areas such as operational efficiency, risk reduction, and profitability.

Fleet monitoring benefits the bottom line

Fleet monitoring can give insights into vehicle locations and operating behavior. Tracking this data is vital not only in the short term, but also over time. Insight into overall trends allows managers to make informed recommendations on factors to impact the bottom line.

Fleet owners face challenges unique to the management of constantly mobile components. The introduction of electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence on top of the COVID-19 pandemic have made these challenges even more complex, highlighting the value of a dedicated way to manage your fleet. Access to real-time, historical data and the use of fleet operations centers lend critical insights that facilitate better decision-making. This data monitoring is essential to staying on top of a rapidly changing environment, and has been proven to improve efficiency, safety, and productivity.

From worker productivity and accountability to customer service and cost reductions, improvement across the board can be significant when a well-planned fleet management system is utilized.

operators work in a fleet operations center environment for fleet management
A fleet operations center that Constant integrated for Carnival Cruise Lines.

Constant Technologies can help!

The best way to monitor data related to your fleet is within a dedicated fleet operations center. With a large, centrally located video wall, data can quickly be interpreted and responded to collaboratively. The overall space design of the fleet operations center can also impact the access to data and potential for collaboration. It is important to arrange the command center furniture so all key operators can easily view the video wall display. Floor plan and furniture choices, such as consoles arranged in pods, can also impact the ease of collaboration among operators.

Constant Technologies has decades of experience implementing mission critical data monitoring centers, including fleet operations centers. Whether you need a video wall system, console furniture, or both, Constant provides partnership from the initial concept through the completion of the project.

To learn more about Constant’s fleet operations centers and how they facilitate optimal fleet management, contact us today.

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