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5 Benefits of a Security Operations Center (SOC)

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Updated October 5, 2022

Regardless of size or industry, all organizations can encounter risk to either their physical or electronic assets including data, intellectual property, business systems, and brand integrity. For many organizations, the question of creating a security operations center is not “if,” but “when.” From local or regional SOCs up to to GSOCs that span an entire multinational company, monitoring security through a centralized hub can prove vital to your organization.

Benefits of a security operations center:

1. Continuous Protection:

Critical events don’t follow a schedule and don’t always fall within an 8 hour workday. Incidents can happen at any time, and protecting your assets and brand is not simply a 9-5 task. Having an operations center that monitors your network, facility, and other assets 24/7 such can prove vital to your organization. A SOC serves as a dedicated space that can be staffed in shifts round-the-clock to provide consistent monitoring and crisis response, ensuring swift action when critical events occur.

2. Timely Response:

A SOC empowers your team to have critical information as events unfold, instead of after. The sooner you can receive and act on relevant information, the better — and a SOC enables you to do just that. With the security operations center performing constant monitoring, the gap between critical event and response time narrows.

When it comes to critical events, even seconds can make all the difference for saving assets, money, or even lives. Consistent monitoring on a security operations center video wall provides your organization with a  defensive advantage for response time due to increased situational awareness.

3. Help Customers/Stakeholders Feel Secure:

A security operations center can serve external and internal marketing purposes in addition to its main function. A SOC provides value to your organization by demonstrating preparedness and showing a pride of ownership that can be a Whether you are a retailer implementing a command center to prevent credit card data breaches or a financial or healthcare institution with physical security monitoring, a cutting-edge SOC is a great way to show your customers and stakeholders that you take protection of their data and assets seriously.

4. Simplify Investigations:

In the event of a critical incident, having the capabilities of a security operations center on hand can expedite the process of analysis. The comprehensive insights and ability to share data uniquely situate SOCs to not only help prevent threats but also thoroughly investigate incidents to know what went wrong and how better to prevent incidents in the future. With the information and organized workflow of a SOC, your team is empowered to carry out what is necessary in the most effective and efficient way possible.

5. Identify Threats Before They Become Critical Events:

Operators in a SOC consistently analyze activity across an organization’s networks or facilities to manage threats and identify upcoming risks. The insight provided by a security operation center can play a pivotal role in preventing threats from manifesting.

With the insights into the threat landscape provided by a SOC, your team can shift security efforts from proactive to reactive. Staying ahead of risks for your organization includes asking questions such as: what specifically will you need to monitor? Who will need to be informed? What are your goals now, and how can you incorporate intelligence to mitigate threats?

Not every situation can be predicted or prevented, but a SOC ensures you have the right tools to react as quickly as possible when incidents occur and mitigate potential impacts.


The benefits listed above are some of the most common across industry, but there are many more benefits of a security operations center–  including some which may be unique to your specific industry or company.

Whatever the application you have planned for your SOC, Constant can help. With decades of experience working exclusively in  mission critical environments, Constant specializes in video wall integration for 24/7 use as well as SOC workstations which offer equipment management and ergonomic solutions for operators.  Our specially-trained team of designers, project managers, and installers will deliver a turnkey security operations center solution perfectly suited to your needs.

If you would like to learn more about our SOC solutions, contact us today for a complimentary design and budget consultation.

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