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Operations Centers Prepare for Winter Holiday Travel

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The holidays are finally upon us. For many, the end of December means vacation time and travel to see family.

Due to the expected uptick in winter holiday travel, we can expect that public safety officials as well as transportation companies will be on high alert, ready to respond should any incidents arise. The best way for municipalities and companies to ensure the safety of travelers and communities is with an operations center that can rapidly respond to any emerging crises.

Operations centers help guarantee safety

Intelligence centers can significantly improve the ability to ensure public safety. 24/7 operations such as real-time intelligence centers and emergency operations centers provide real-time situational awareness, combining data from several sources such as traffic cameras and social media alerts so that when a situation arises, operators can analyze and respond as quickly as possible

Transportation companies also use operations centers such as air traffic control centers and fleet operations centers to ensure smooth travel, up-to-date vehicle maintenance, and passenger safety.

Regardless of the type of operations center, the operators working in the center need to gather and share critical information, coordinate response initiatives, and manage personnel across various departments. Large video walls display real-time data from every relevant source so it’s visible to everyone working in the room. If desired, the audio-visual setup can also share data with other relevant locations such as an adjacent conference area or on-site representatives, assisting in response coordination.

The furniture solutions used can also have an effect on operational efficiency. Space design and furniture arrangements should enable coordination between operators and allow a clear view of the video wall for everyone in the room.

Critical expertise

Because of the vital tasks entrusted to operations centers, it is important to work with a partner that can recommend the most reliable products so your installation lasts through 24/7 use performing critical tasks. Constant Technologies has over three decades of experience in video wall AV integration and console furniture for mission critical environments. Government agencies at the federal and local levels, as well as top companies, trust us to create monitoring centers that serve as the nerve center of their organizations.

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Constant Technologies, Inc. provides AV integration for 24/7 video walls and custom operation center furniture. With 30+ years of experience, we can work with sensitive environments in the public and private sectors. Constant designs and installs projects of all scopes and sizes around the world. We also offer long-term service and support. We create solutions with the highest levels of security, aesthetics and functionality in mind.