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Infographic: Emergency Response Operations Centers

The immediate response in the aftermath of an emergency can make a world of difference. Mobilizing quickly after major events such as natural disasters or security threats is greatly facilitated through the use of an operations center.

Form hurricanes and wildfires to pandemics and security breaches, the more efficient the response, the better.

But how can you prepare for the unexpected?

Operations centers come in a variety of types, but ultimately they work the same: monitoring data, preparing plans, and assembling response. An emergency preparedness center with a large, central video wall to display real-time data facilitates critical collaboration and allows the staff to act quickly and decisively.

An optimized emergency operations center gathers and shares critical information, initiates key response, and ensures the community is prepared.

To learn more about emergency management through a 24/7 operations center, take a look at the infographic below, and contact Constant for a free design and budget consultation.

Emergency Response Infographic


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