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LCD Video Walls for 24/7 Mission Critical Operations Centers

Constant Technologies

As an integrator, Constant is able to pull from a wide range of reliable 24/7 Video Wall products to bring together the best solutions for our clients. Our designers, project managers, programming engineers and installation technicians help to determine the right audio/visual components for each project’s unique requirements.

For many installations, Constant relies on the Clarity® Matrix™ LCD Video Wall System offered by Planar. This display wall system was designed and developed by display industry experts to address the challenges faced by all mission critical video wall installations: mounting and alignment, reliability and extended operation, service and maintenance access and simple, effective image processing and management.

The Matrix displays have the thinnest bezel LCD in the industry for 24×7 operations, and a minimal installation depth. With a tiled bezel width as small as 3.7mm, the LCD video wall system includes an integrated mounting system and off-board electronics and power supply architecture. This can be especially helpful for installation purposes as no AC power is necessary at the video wall.

Reliability is key when choosing products to integrate into an operations center such as a:

The Matrix display’s unique architecture provides a mission-critical design with redundant power supplies, reduced thermal stress and health and status monitoring capabilities. Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture adds SNMP LAN control, extra TIR prevention and ambient light sensing to extend the life of the video wall. For further reliability, Clarity Matrix power supply units include an n+1 redundant design so if any one power supply in the unit fails, the LCDs maintain uninterrupted operation.

When starting the process for a new project, Constant analyzes the clients display wall applications and operational requirements along with available display wall real estate and operator viewing angles so that we select the appropriate display technology for your command center. We then incorporate processing, switching and routing of your sources to allow you complete control of your technical environment. Visual and audible sources from a multitude of suppliers can be integrated into your operations center to allow a single viewing portal that elicits a rapid response from your team.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the Planar Matrix Displays or any of the other 24/7 reliable products that are commonly integrated in operations center environments. We look forward to discussing your visualization project requirements.

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June 3, 2016