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Key Command Center Design Considerations

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The practice and standards for operations center design have greatly improved over the last few years, and there is a deeper understanding of the role design plays in the safe and efficient operations of 24/7 command centers. Command centers are important to not only the daily functions of an organization, but also to inspire confidence in an organization’s ability to handle critical incidents. It’s vital that the command center’s design reflects this role.

Command and control centers serve as the center of an organization’s operations. Whether updating an existing command center or creating a new one, well informed  design is key for proper functioning of such a vital space.

Operator-centric command center design

The first step to any command center design project is to consider the operators’ needs and how they correlate with the complex systems of a mission critical environment. These considerations inform design decisions such as:

  • What proximity should operators have to one another to enhance collaboration and effective workflow?
  • The operators’ tasks and the requirements for efficient work in the command center space drive decisions such as the size and quantity of monitors and the shape and size of workstations.
  • Ergonomic requirements can affect decisions such as video wall placement, monitor placement, and operations center furniture requirements.

Modern command center design reflects how the space will be used and is human-centered first. The completed design, including all elements such as the operations center video walls and command center workstations, take multiple factors into account. Design factors such as video wall content, line of sight, ergonomic comfort, and equipment management all have the potential to improve operations.


Durability is vital to command center design. These 24/7 spaces are always on, so it is key to outfit them with the proper elements. The equipment in your command center must withstand the rigors of a mission critical environment. Not all video wall products on the market are designed to endure 24/7 use, so the technology you choose for mission critical use must be weighed carefully.

Command center video walls provide 24/7 insights so operators can respond to critical events efficiently and effectively. In these spaces that run continuously, there is no room for error. Video walls are more popular than ever, but the durability required in mission critical spaces is more than the typical commercial grade display can provide. As you design your video wall, you should choose display technology that is high quality and resilient.

When choosing console workstations for a command center, you should also take care to ensure they can withstand the test of time under constant use. Constant’s custom command center furniture features high-pressure laminate finishes and an extruded urethane impact resistant waterfall edge designed to endure 24/7 wear. All command center workstations manufactured by Constant come with a lifetime warranty and are finished with high-impact laminate and urethane edging to ensure that they meet functional and durability needs.


The best operations centers include design driven by ergonomic science. Taking the “human factor” into consideration results in maximized productivity and reduced operator fatigue. Sophisticated control room design includes sit/stand operations center workstations and a thorough sight line analysis for mounted displays and video wall installations.

Sight line analysis is a key part of  ergonomics in  command center design and affects  the layout of the entire space. A sight line analysis evaluates angles and viewing points in the space. As a result of the analysis, designers can determine the optimal placement of consoles with relation to the display so that operators can see shared information with minimal head or neck movement or interruption to their work. The analysis also takes into account what would be in the field of vision to the right and left for someone sitting at a desk to maximize what operators can see with eye rotation before they have to turn their heads

The Importance of Good Design

Taking the care to ensure your command center is designed well can have numerous benefits. The return on investment for custom, expert command center design is real and demonstrable. In addition to functionality, the aesthetics of high quality design result in pride-of-ownership and can be a draw for prospective employees and investors.

More than just the aesthetics, however, the design of your command center directly affects its productivity and usefulness. Employing best practices in the planning stages creates a space where operators can be safe, productive, and efficient.

If you would like to learn more about Constant Technologies’ expert control room design, contact us today. We offer design and budget consultations at no charge.

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