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Operations Centers Pre-Construction: Planning Ahead

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It’s been a year filled with stops and starts. With the continued threat of coronavirus, many organizations have delayed their plans for operations center build-outs.

However, even if your installation can’t take place yet, there are still steps you can take to move forward on your project. Installation is only one part of a larger process, the last stretch of a marathon. Much of your project can progress even if you are not currently allowing workers at your site.

The designers and project managers at Constant can help to analyze and refine your requirements pre-construction. This ensures that all the right elements come together to create the best possible mission critical space for your operations.

The following are important steps to planning your operations center pre-construction that you can begin now:

Spatial considerations pre-construction

One of the first steps when deciding on your operations center plan is to consider the size of the room. How many operators will need to work in the space, and what role will they play? This can determine not only the layout but also the console furniture solution you choose. Are there engineers who need a more private desking solution? Analysts who need clear views of the video wall and opportunities for collaboration? Will managers be placed within the room, or will they need adjacent offices?

Another key component of spatial considerations is the equipment required. What will each operator position need to accommodate? The number of monitors needed at each station affects the footprint needed for the accompanying console furniture. Additionally, the equipment that will be stored at each workstation will also determine the right furniture solution. Consoles should be designed for proper fit and ventilation of the planned equipment.

The Constant Technologies team helps you review all these requirements and develops multiple design options to find how best to configure your space. It’s important to do this in the early phases of your project to be sure that you have allocated enough space for the operations center. Figuring out if you’ve planned for enough space early on, when floor plans can still be adjusted, is vital.

operations center with custom consoles, large video wall, and blue ceiling lightingErgonomics and operator comfort

A carefully-designed operations center also takes ergonomics into account. Operators often work long shifts and need to be comfortable in order to optimally perform. As part of the design phase of your operations center project, Constant analyzes the video wall viewing angles to minimize eye and neck strain. This sight line analysis is a detailed process that examines the ergonomics of operator placement and viewing capabilities. As with spatial planning, knowing how many people will need to view the video wall will make a significant difference in this analysis.

Ergonomic furniture is also an important consideration when planning out your space. Sit-stand consoles enable operators to quickly and easily adjust between seated and standing configurations while maintaining sight lines to monitors and access to devices. Constant’s sit-stand workstation solutions adapt to your operations. Monitors raise and lower along with the work surface of our sit/stand consoles. In addition, a built-in cable management system conceals cables, protects hardware, and provides a seamless appearance.

Space for collaboration

Collaboration space can be important for the staff of the control room. It may make sense to have a conference room adjacent to the main operations center. In other cases, strategically placed huddle areas within the ops center may be best. Constant offers a wide range of customized collaboration solutions that take into account all important functionality necessary to your operations.

Video wall system requirements, sourcing, and control

large video wall in operations centerOperators in your command center will need to easily monitor and interpret multiple sources of information to make decisions that can impact an entire organization. At the beginning of the project process, Constant analyzes operational requirements, planned applications for the display wall, and available video wall real estate to select the appropriate technology. We offer a wide range of display options that include LED, LCD, and 4K video walls. Our technology integration also includes processing solutions to help you best utilize your video wall content.

A thorough analysis of the sources you plan to monitor is one of the most important aspects of building your AV system correctly. Will you run applications through local workstations or rack mounted PCs? Will you need a television feed, and will it be sourced through cable, satellite, or IPTV? If video conferencing is a potential need, that should be taken into consideration too.

When you determine all of the sources and signal types you will need for your operation, Constant can craft a plan for your custom audiovisual solution that accommodates your projected needs while allowing room for future growth. As an integrator, Constant has a wide range of products and can work with you to determine the optimal video wall solution.

As you consider sources for your display wall, you should also determine what else you would like the control system in your space to manage. Constant offers customized control systems that are specifically programmed for 24/7 environments. They simplify the way operators interact with technology, solving complexity through reliable and user-friendly systems. While control systems provide centralized management of video walls, processors, switchers, conferencing equipment, and more, they can also be used to manage systems unrelated to the video wall. These can include lighting, shades, and privacy glass.

Additional use cases – tours

Tours may not be top of mind at the moment, with a pandemic still happening around the world. But when planning out your operations center, it is crucial to look toward the future. Many operations centers become a fixture for site tours; as a point of pride for your organization and its stakeholders, a command center can serve as a powerful demonstration of your preparedness. Making command centers a stop on your tours can also function as a corporate sales tool to secure new clients.

Despite this, the main function of your operations center is still top priority. It can be disruptive to operators in the space to have tours run through the room. If you plan to include your mission critical space in future tours, planning for a viewing area outside the main room or an adjacent conference room with glass walls can be a great solution. Taking all potential use cases into consideration pre-construction allows you to prepare for these types of situations and make sure to thoughtfully incorporate solutions into your design.

Looking ahead to implementation

Constant employee installing console furniture

All the design planning in the world would be rendered irrelevant without a skilled team of technicians and installers. Prior to the installation, Constant helps not only with design but also project coordination, thorough documentation, and freight logistics. This ensures that our installation is set to go as smoothly as possible.

Once installation does occur, we send our expert technicians to your site to make sure everything is flawlessly implemented according to plan. We take great care in the integration and installation of your command center solutions. On top of that, we pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service. After your project installation is complete, our service and support team is close at hand whenever you need them.

Thorough planning produces optimal results

When you take the time to fully consider all the above factors before moving forward with construction, you guarantee that the end result will be an operations center optimized for your mission critical requirements. Ensuring at the outset that your command center can handle all main objectives will save time and money in the long run.

In an uncertain world, change is the only constant. But Constant can guide you through the process of planning a mission critical operations center that will see you through the unexpected.

To get a free design and budget consultation, contact us today.

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