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Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Video Wall

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The market for video walls continues to grow year after year, as does the definition of what organizations may consider “mission critical.” A video wall is the focal point of your mission critical operations center. Great care and precision must be taken in its design and installation to ensure peak performance. When considering how to outfit your control center, there are more options for your 24/7 video wall than ever.

Operations center video walls require more careful consideration than video walls used for advertising/digital signage, which simply need to catch a viewer’s attention. In a 24/7 command center, the best video wall takes ergonomic design, functionality and serviceability into account. Of all the display technologies available, only a few are considered viable for continual use in a mission critical environment. In spaces such as utilities control rooms, security operation centers, emergency operations centers, and network monitoring centers, having reliable and high-quality video wall installations is absolutely vital.

Ultimately, the exact video wall you purchase should be guided by the specific and unique requirements of your planned application. This is why Constant approaches each project individually and focuses on custom audiovisual integration so you receive the exact command center technology you need.Here are key factors to consider when selecting your 24/7 video wall:

What is the image quality over time (color, brightness, contrast)?

Video wall systems in mission critical spaces display and share vital information that all operators in the room should be able to clearly see. The color, contrast, and brightness quality directly affect the legibility of the information on the display wall. In particular, factors to consider include: are the brightness and color consistent across the entire wall? Is the balance of color, contrast, and brightness internally consistent? Will it remain consistent over several years?

What is the intended content?

The content you plan to display on your video wall plays a vital role in the type of display technology you should choose. Your content choices, from videos to dashboards to text, all contribute to decisions about the ideal size and viewing distance of the video wall installation as well as requirements for the resolution and pixel pitch of the displays.

How does the video wall contribute to the ergonomics of your space?

A control room display wall should be ergonomically sound due to the long shifts many mission critical spaces often require. One consideration for ergonomic video walls is what is the operator legibility? The pixel pitch and resolution combined contribute to the legibility of the information on the screen, so it is important to select video wall technology that fits the room’s requirements.

The positioning of the video wall installation also contributes greatly to the ergonomics of the room. In addition to viewing distance, one should also consider the angle of the video wall. An ideal angle for a video wall ensures all operators can view the screen with minimal to no loss of brightness. Constant also conducts a sight line analysis to ensure the ergonomic placement of the command center video wall. Our design engineers calculate how far operators would have to bend their necks to view the screen; no more than 25 degrees maximum is considered ergonomically sound.

What is the expected reliability and potential service needs over the long term?

Downtime is not an option in centers that run continually; the reliability of your video wall technology is paramount. From critical events and financial crises to bad publicity, even the briefest of video wall failures could lead to devastating issues. Mission-critical spaces require video walls designed for 24/7 use, with built-in redundancies as well as a design that allows for quick and easy servicing. Constant also offers long-term service plans to ensure that we attend to any problems that may come up with your technology as soon as possible.

What is the expected lifespan of the technology?

While the technology for large video walls continues to advance at a rapid pace, the installation of a videowall is still a significant investment that should last for several years in a mission-critical application. As a mission-critical AV integrator, Constant will help you select technology designed for longevity in a 24/7 space and enable protection of your investment. Constant’s long-term service agreements also offer a commitment to maintenance to ensure your data display wall is running smoothly for the extent of its lifespan.

What are the expected operating costs/total cost of ownership?

In budgeting for your video wall project, it is important to consider not only the initial cost of purchase and installation but also all other associated costs for your 24/7 control room. The analysis of your total cost of ownership should include operating costs driven by factors such as cooling requirements, power consumption, and potential service costs.

Choosing the right video wall for your 24/7 operations center can be a complicated decision-making process, and the questions listed above are only some of the factors you need to consider. That’s why the expert control room designers at Constant Technologies are here to guide you through each step and customize your video wall system so that it fits your needs exactly. To find out more about video wall integration for your mission-critical space, contact us today.

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