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Constant’s Approach to Operation Center Furniture Design

The design of operations center furniture is far from “cookie cutter” – in fact, it can be quite complex. From ergonomics to spatial requirements and durability, the design of quality mission critical consoles entails a lot of consideration. At Constant Technologies, we first started out exclusively designing and manufacturing mission critical furniture. Over the past three decades, we have witnessed firsthand the development of the industry and have the experience to provide quality service and products.

At the beginning of the furniture design process Constant digitally places furniture in the available space. Based on the floorplans and dimensions provided by the client, our design team comes up with a few options of conceptual layouts that will best utilize the space. These conceptual layouts include various furniture arrangements including huddle spaces, conference tables, command center workstations and command center consoles and demonstrate how furniture design affects the whole space. After the conceptual layout design is selected, our design team will produce architectural drawings, which include more detailed depictions of control room furniture and other design elements of your command center space design. This is also the stage where important details are added to the design including not only more meticulous depictions of the furniture but also components such as wall blocking, conduit locations and floor tile cutouts which facilitate the audiovisual components of the operations center installation.

Command Center Furniture and Layout

The full color rendering is the part of our design process that produces detailed visualization of finalized furniture design. Constant works with your facilities department, architects, and interior designers to create control room console furniture that fits the overall aesthetic of your space. When provided details such as your selected wall color and flooring, our experienced design team comes up with furniture design options that seamlessly complement your space. The completed full-color rendering will show you a detailed depiction of all these design elements as they come together in your command center.

In addition to metal, Constant Technologies uses laminate from high-quality vendors for our furniture finishes, with a variety of finish options and colors for vertical surfaces, horizontal worktops, and console edging. The quality of available laminate has greatly increased in the years since it was first introduced, and its durability and low-maintenance upkeep make it an ideal choice for many mission critical furniture. Some recent advances made in laminate technology include sustainable laminate made from recycled content and energy-efficient production as well as distinctive, convenient features such as high gloss finishes that can be written on with whiteboard markers. Emerging technology has now made possible a laminate with a “scalable wireless charging infrastructure,” so that electronics placed on the laminate surface can be wirelessly charged. While not yet on the market, this will be available soon and could be a useful feature in a 24/7 command center.

The showpiece video wall is often the main focus of command center installations since all operators in the room benefit from having a clear view of the information displayed on a data wall. However, at Constant we also put considerable thought into our custom command center furniture design.

Though there are many options for communications center furniture design, Constant, as expert NOC designers, can help our clients narrow them down to find the right technology furniture solution for their space. We assist clients in making decisions such as adjustable height versus fixed height consoles as well as aesthetic decisions such as color and texture. From sleek, white finishes that look modern and clean to classic, rich woodgrain and everything in between, there are many directions your furniture design can go. Constant is here to guide you through each step. Contact us today for a free design consultation.

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About Constant:

Constant Technologies, Inc. is a premier mission critical audio
visual integrator providing custom operations center video wall
integration and command center furniture solutions across the globe.
With decades of experience, Constant’s team has access to and experience
with sensitive environments in both government and corporate
environments. Constant designs, installs and services projects of
varying scopes to create control room furniture and video wall solutions
with the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. Our team works
within a range of environments such as Network Operations Centers (NOC),
Security Operations Centers (SOC), Cybersecurity Operations Centers,
Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), Unified Command Centers (UCC),
Remote Operations Centers (ROC), and other mission critical spaces. As
systems integrators, we select from among the best technologies to
create an installation that fits the exact requirements of your


February 8, 2018