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Centralized Security: Properly Planned SOCs Help Mitigate Cyber Risks

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Though cyber security centers are becoming increasingly common across a variety of industries, a recent survey shows that many organizations are still inadequately protected.

EY’s 20th Global Information Survey, conducted between June – September 2017, gathered responses from about 1,200 C-Suite executives and information security leaders across the globe. Of those respondents, 48% did not have an SOC, and 57% had no threat intelligence program or only an informal threat intelligence program. Amazingly, only 12% felt it likely that they would have the capability to detect a sophisticated cyber attack.

By not having a cyber security operations center, you leave your organization vulnerable to attack. With the current state of the security landscape, a dedicated commitment to information security becomes increasingly vital. The global cost of cyber security breaches is expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021.

Without the implementation of a CSOC, an organization faces greater security challenges which can include:

  • Delayed identification of breaches
  • Ad hoc or no processes following a security breach
  • Insufficient protection of most valuable assets against advanced attacks
  • Delayed isolation of corrupted elements

While many organizations without CSOC installations find a workaround with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools, the contribution of such tools is much less significant without a dedicated staff of cybersecurity operators to handle all the alerts. Organizations that use resource-intensive EDR tools without having a security operations center in place are losing financial resources without reaching the full potential these security tools can offer with the proper manpower behind them.

In a survey conducted by CensusWide for BitDefender in early 2018, 64% of American companies that lacked a SOC noted that monitoring threat activity is one of the biggest challenges they face as organizations. Without the proper tools, security breaches can take weeks or even months to detect. An inability to detect and take action against these breaches can put customer and mission-critical data at severe risk.

The delayed detection of a breach poses a significant threat to an organization, resulting in consequences such as:

  • Interruption to mission critical activities
  • Cost of reputation
  • Loss of revenue
  • Intellectual property loss
  • Potential legal penalties

With cyber attacks becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, the creation of a cyber command center is a worthwhile investment to protect your data and your organization. The modern organization cannot afford the absence of proper security.

When considering SOC solutions, experts such as Constant Technologies strongly advise an integrated, planned, and practiced approach to cyber security. The experienced team at Constant can assist with the implementation of your CSOC, handling details such as AV integration of the cyber operations center video wall, design and installation of command center furniture, project management, and long-term service.

If you are ready to implement a Cyber SOC within your organization or would like to update your existing cyber center, contact us today.

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