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Free Designs for Project Visualization

Command center design sketch to real-life image of operations center with mission-critical video walls and technology consoles
Constant Technologies

If you’re just starting out with your operations center planning, you may think it’s too early to talk to any vendors. We get it – you don’t want to get roped into long conversations with questions you’re not prepared to answer. But there’s also something to be said about getting in touch with someone who can help you get even more excited about your upcoming project. Constant Technologies offers free design consultations. With our design services, you can begin to visualize the exciting possibilities for your operations center without needing to set anything in stone.

All we need to begin is a floor plan of your space and an idea of the number of users and general operational goals. From there, we can show you different layouts and console combinations so you get a clearer idea of what your space could become.

When combined with information from your architects and interior designers, the spatial layout we design with you can be turned into a full-color rendering to really bring your project to life.

Our design process:

On an initial phone call, a project manager will discuss your operational requirements, goals, and the intended number of users in the space. If this hasn’t been fully finalized yet, giving your answers based on the most current estimation will suffice for initial design ideas.

operations center layoutOnce all your requirements have been reviewed, Constant’s design team begins putting it all together. Depending on whether you are looking for AV systems integration, console furniture, or both, this process can look a little different.

The first design document we will produce is a conceptual layout of your space including locations for consoles and video walls. Our design team produces multiple detailed views, revising until all your needs – and wants – are reflected in the design.

For the design to be finalized, it must meet internal design standards in addition to satisfying client expectations. Multiple design engineers will review the concepts and details to ensure quality and share insights.

Often, when details such as flooring and wall colors are provided, we create full-color renderings. These computer-generated renderings create a near-picture-perfect view of the planned design from multiple angles. Our renderings provide a direct visual aid to help bridge the gap between conceptual designs and the final build of a project and can be useful in discussions with your team.

full color rendered image of operations centerUsing our free operations center design service to move your project forward

The designs we produce create comprehensive visualizations of the final project. These include details such as your selected wall coloring and flooring as well as the finishes of your operations center furniture and lighting schematics. They also include the audiovisual elements of the room such as the operations center video wall and console-mounted monitors. There is no need to wonder how all the design elements will come together in your operations center – you can see it for yourself.

Having a completed visual tool is about more than just getting excited about your project, however.

Visualizing all the components together can help you decide if any finishes should be changed before construction or installation begins. The ability to visualize the entire space before installation clarifies and simplifies design decisions.

Our detailed visualizations are also useful for selling a project internally. Securing internal funding is simpler when you can provide a near-picture-perfect representation of the operations center you plan to create.

Whether you are looking to finalize color choices, get design clarity, or assist in planning and procuring budget approvals to move on to the next stage of operations center production, our design services are the perfect cost-free tool.

Putting your design into action

Beyond the basic visualization aspects of designing your operations center, we also make sure to clearly define all the details that will make installation simpler and more successful down the road.

We don’t just outline the spatial layout; once under contract, we also create an architectural drawing design set that details important components such as wall blocking, conduit locations, and floor tile cutouts.

If you are purchasing an AV solution from Constant, we also produce detailed AV drawings to set your integration up for success. Our AV drawings give a precisely detailed view of exactly how your video wall system will be set up. AV design engineers will figure out drop locations and make a cable pull schedule. This occurs early in the process to ensure that cables are pulled to the appropriate locations ahead of time, saving any future headaches. Constant’s audiovisual design also includes details for equipment racks and AV schematics.

operations center with console furniture and large video wallOur thorough design process not only helps you visualize and budget for your project, but it also ensures a seamless, efficient installation so your operations center works as planned from day one.

Constant’s commitment to quality is present through all phases of your project. From sales to design to installation and beyond, each department works together as a team to provide a solution that best serves you and your organization’s needs. The care that Constant puts into each and every project is evident in the finished product and the high level of service and support available after installation is completed.

Whether you’re ready to break ground on your project or are just in the early stages of planning, our free designs for project visualization will help you determine your next steps. Contact us today to start exploring the possibilities.

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About Constant:

Constant Technologies, Inc. provides AV integration for 24/7 video walls and custom operation center furniture. With 30+ years of experience, we can work with sensitive environments in the public and private sectors. Constant designs and installs projects of all scopes and sizes around the world. We also offer long-term service and support. We create solutions with the highest levels of security, aesthetics and functionality in mind.