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What a Healthcare Operations Center Can Do For You

Healthcare Operations Center with video walls and consoles
Constant Technologies

Many hospitals still operate with relatively outdated methods of data tracking. Within a healthcare environment there’s so much information that can be monitored and used in a centralized hub to improve operations overall.

Operational command centers are becoming increasingly popular in hospitals, and for good reason. While it is an investment, it’s well worth it. So what benefits exactly does a command center bring to your healthcare operations?

More efficient operations

Command centers allow the staff to see an entire overview of the hospital’s operations in real time. Routing all that data through a central hub with visualization technology allows for better communication and faster decision making. With machine learning/AI incorporated into the setup, hospitals can also use predictive software that uses the information of the hospital system to project needs days, weeks, or even months in advance.

Centralized data monitoring improves hospital efficiency, allowing operators to spot potential bottlenecks before they occur and take the proper steps to keep things running smoothly. From patient placement and transfers to bed capacity management to dissemination of important information, patient flow and general operations are greatly improved by having a central command center.

Positive financial impact

Hospitals often operate on a low margin, so efficiency is key. The improved operations due to a command center can also translate to monetary benefits.

A 2018 study by KLAS research indicates that 78% of respondents experienced financial gains after implementing an operational command center. These financial gains were a result of both lower costs as well as better patient retention and referrals due to reduced length of stay or elimination of staffing inefficiencies.

CareComm at Tampa General was created in 2018 with GE Healthcare’s artificial intelligence technology and video walls from Constant Technologies. In the time since launch, Tampa General Estimates that in the time since launch, it has saved $40 million due to CareComm’s reduction of system-wide inefficiencies.

Better Patient Care

The  increased operational efficiencies enabled through a command center ultimately mean that hospitals are equipped to provide better, more effective care to their patients.

Through CareComm, Tampa General reduced the average length of stay in the hospital by half a day, eliminating 20,000 excess patient days.

Mission Control at AdventHealth uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand patterns and dynamics for better preparation across the board. This results in shorter wait times for patients, improved clinical care, and more efficient transfers and placements.

Dr. Sanjay Pattani, Executive Medical Director of Mission Control at AdventHealth, said, “We are automating and streamlining a lot of processes for our patients to make it a more ‘whole care’ experience. We’re making it easy. And that’s the key.”

Ultimately, the various ways that a hospital command center can improve your operations result in better care for your patients.

How Constant assists

We’ve already established that an operational command center for your healthcare facility has multiple benefits. Constant Technologies helps provide you with the tools to meet those goals, and that’s something we take pride in.

At Constant, the goal is to build a command center that exactly fits your functional requirements.  Our project managers talk with your team to fully understand the workflow and goals for the space. From there, we provide the spatial designs, customized video wall systems, and console furniture solutions. Our involvement in these projects spans from concept all the way through completion, including onsite programming, installation and service/support. We truly partner with you on your command center project to ensure that all your needs are met.

With innovative solutions by Constant Technologies, you can stay one step ahead of challenges, optimize performance, and reduce cost while ensuring your patients receive the best possible care. To learn more about our command center solutions and to receive a free design and budget consultation, contact us today.

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