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What a Cybersecurity Operations Center Can Do For You

Security Operations Center with video wall and consoles
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As the global economy continues to digitize, data becomes a lucrative target for criminals. There are multiple types of cyber-attacks, from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and phishing to malware, cryptojacking, and ransomware. As the attacks become more sophisticated, so do the tools needed to effectively defend against them. Gone are the days where tools like anti-virus, firewalls, and access control would be enough. The ever-growing scope of the cyber landscape means that old solutions alone simply won’t cut it.

Best practices for handling the challenging cybersecurity landscape suggest handling the entire lifecycle of a cyber security incident, from the initial detection of a breach through the return to normal operations, in one place. That place is the cybersecurity operations center (CSOC).

But on a practical level, what does a cybersecurity operations center do? What are the benefits? Here are some concrete ways that implementing a cyber security center can help you and your team.

Protects revenue and reputation

Cyber attacks can be expensive. Cybersecurity experts predict that in 2021, cyber crime will cause $6 trillion worth of damages globally. And these numbers climb every year. Having a dedicated cyber security team housed within a fully optimized CSOC means you’ll be better protected from these cyber attacks — and so will your company’s assets and reputation.

Provide real-time situational awareness 

Critical decisions in a CSOC are based on a continuous flow of data from numerous sources. As a situation arises, operators must be able to analyze, share, and act on information as quickly as possible.

These intelligence centers combine large quantities of information into one hub for situational awareness. Large video walls within these command and control spaces contribute to operator awareness and collaboration by displaying real-time data from every relevant source onto a viewing platform visible to everyone in the room. With conscious design the audio-visual setup can also share data with other relevant locations such as an adjacent conference area or other operations centers.

Quicker incident response time

Highly skilled analysts and engineers within a cybersecurity operations center can combine the data from various sources to the bottom of a critical security incident when it occurs.The less time there is between a breach and its detection, the less of an impact the cyberattack will have on an organization. Early detection limits damage, and the best tool for early detection is the cyber SOC. Highly effective SOCs combine comprehensive threat intelligence with advanced automation tools and analytics. Having a CSOC that conducts 24×7 threat hunting, real-time incident response and breach containment ensures that your organization can resume normal operations as quickly as possible following a cyber incident.

Increase productivity through an efficient workflow

In a complex environment like a 24/7 cyber operations center, simplicity is key. Even the most sophisticated solutions are of no use if operators can’t quickly access capabilities the moment they are needed. The cybersecurity operations centers designed by Constant Technologies leverage cutting edge technology, thoughtful spatial planning, and customized solutions to create optimized operations spaces. Having a centralized hub for all of this allows you to create an efficient workflow, which will increase your team’s effectiveness.

Constant Technologies Creates Cybersecurity Operations Centers

With innovative video wall systems, console furniture, and programming solutions by Constant Technologies, you can stay one step ahead of cyber attacks and protect your data. We will work with you as a partner through every step of creating your cybersecurity operations center, from the initial design process all the way through post-installation service and support.

To learn more about our CSOC solutions and to receive a free design and budget consultation, contact us today.

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