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Sit-Stand Consoles Promote Operator Health and Critical Thinking

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By now, we all know that prolonged periods of sitting are not good for physical or mental health. But did you know that remaining active — even just standing more often — can improve your brain?

In his new book Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age,  Dr. Sanjay Gupta describes a number of ways that we can improve brain resilience. What’s exciting about this new information is the idea that not only are there ways we can maintain the “status quo” of brain health, but we can actually optimize and improve brain functioning.

It may not be immediately clear what this has to do with mission critical. But in fact, the human brain is one of the most important tools in an operations center analyst’s playbook.

A Sharper Brain for Mission Critical

Every year there are more sophisticated programs and artificial intelligence applications to aid with 24/7 critical monitoring. Even with these tools at our fingertips, the human element in operations centers is irreplaceable. Effective technology tools are critically important, but they work best when combined with human analysis. The goal of technology implementation should be to enhance the capabilities of human analysts rather than replace them.

Since human analysis is still vital to optimal operations, keeping critical thinking skills sharp should be a priority. Something as simple as the design of your operations center furniture can contribute to your operators’ brain health.

Sit-Stand Desks Contribute to Better Brain Health

Movement is key and the only proven, evidence-based way to promote brain health and create reserve and resilience. Dr. Gupta is far from the only expert to warn about the dangers of inactivity and encourage more consistent movement. That advice is often easier said than done when it comes to the workplace, however. When a critical event occurs, all hands are needed on deck for as long as it takes to resolve the incident, and leaving for a walk around the office simply isn’t an option. Thankfully, Constant offers a simple solution: sit-stand consoles.

Allowing operators to switch between sitting and standing positions results in less stress and fatigue. Mental health studies show links between extended periods of sedentary time and an increased risk of depression and anxiety, so the ability to switch between sitting and standing can help to alleviate these stressors for your operators. Additionally, the chance to stand during the workday promotes increased energy. All this on top of the ability to increase mental acuity through more consistent movement means that going with a sit-stand console should be a simple decision.

Constant’s Sit-Stand Consoles

At Constant, we offer console and workstation solutions that allow for operator flexibility and ergonomic comfort. Our sit-stand consoles enable operators to quickly and easily adjust from a seated configuration to standing while maintaining sight lines to monitors and access to keyboards and other peripheral devices. In addition, our built-in cable management system conceals cables, protects hardware, and provides a clean, seamless appearance.

Constant has two sit-stand options in our standard console offerings: the Freedom and the Endurance.

Both the Freedom and Endurance are smart choices for your operations center, but if your needs are too singular for anything “standard” to fit just right, Constant also has the option to go custom. We offer design, manufacturing and installation of custom console furniture solutions built exactly to your requirements and aesthetic tastes. Shape, size, finish, storage capabilities — all of these are completely customizable with Constant.

Whatever you choose, with Constant you will be getting the best sit-stand consoles in the industry. Constant has over 30 years of experience creating console furniture for 24/7 operations centers all over the world. We’ve installed consoles in top organizations for industries including aerospace, finance, insurance, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and tech organizations — and more. Regardless of your industry, the sit-stand consoles we provide are thoughtfully designed and purpose-built for the rigors of mission critical.

To learn more and to receive a free design and budget consultation, contact us today.

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