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Podcast: Keeping Command Centers Operating 24/7

Constant Technologies

Ryan Wolstencroft, Principal Support Analyst at Constant Technologies, joined this episode of Mission Critical to Mission Possible to talk about how Constant helps businesses keep their operations centers running efficiently 24/7.

Careful planning and consideration of a business’ needs is the first step in building a command center. “Do that,” Wolstencroft said, “and you already avoid complications that could arise down the road.” Detailed planning and design, particularly for the complex audiovisual setup, is a key component of Constant Technologies’ services.

The Constant Technologies team trains on-site staff on how to use the equipment during the setup process so the internal staff can then feel empowered to address smaller issues without the need to make a call. However, Constant offers customized service and maintenance contracts to ensure that our clients get the best possible service when issues arise in their operations centers.

Wolstencroft recommends annual preventative maintenance for the technology in operations centers. During these maintenance visits, Wolstencroft said Constant Technologies service teams inspect everything top to bottom, and provide additional training, or refresh training, for any new employees that are working in the center.

A piece of advice Wolstencroft offered, “When planning and developing a command center, consult with the people who will be working in the room and using the equipment.”

And Wolstencroft said that Constant Technologies has a team of design engineers on hand to ensure the right command center setup is in place, without unnecessary equipment a company doesn’t need.

As for what’s new in operations center technology, Wolstencroft said LED video wall technology is less expensive and more expansive than ever, and companies want to take advantage of these capabilities.