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Pixel Perfect: Why Pixel Pitch is Important in Your Operations Center

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Pixel pitch is an industry term that pops up often when researching video wall solutions. As many sources will tell you, selecting the right pixel pitch is imperative to the success of your LED video wall. With all the importance hanging on this one term, it begs the question: just what does pixel pitch mean?

Put simply, pixel pitch is the distance between the center of two pixels on an LED video wall panel. This distance is measured in millimeters. The closer the pixels are to one another, the smaller the pitch. The lower the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution that will fit into the same area.

pixl pitch

However, lower pixel pitch may not always be the best choice for your space. Smaller pixel pitch means a higher number of LED clusters in your display — and thus a higher cost. Higher resolution LED displays are more expensive. This is due to the complexity of the circuits behind each module, which increases as the resolution gets higher.

The display resolution and pixel pitch of your LED screens also correlates to the optimal viewing distance. The lower the pixel pitch, the closer an operator can be located and still have good resolution for viewing. However, if your operators will be located further from the LED video wall installation, a less expensive video wall with higher pixel pitch may be the right fit for both your room and your budget.

There are several factors for determining what pixel pitch works best at what distance. Our experienced design team at Constant can help determine the best fit for you and your space.

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July 18, 2018