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Maritime Safety and Security

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Whether you manage a fleet of vessels for logistics, passenger cruise ships, or naval ships, maritime safety and security is a vital and complex task. A number of possible events can put your fleet or port at risk. From piracy and terrorism to dangerous weather, there is no shortage of threats to maritime safety.

Protecting your cargo

What your ships carry is of vital importance. Cruise ships carry thousands of passengers and crew. Vessels used for international trade may carry valuable goods or substances such as oil that could be detrimental to the environment if spilled. Thus, ensuring security of your ports and fleet is mission critical.

Planning your safety and security

Marine safety and security includes a range of components that need to be well-maintained. From monitoring weather and threats on the seas to protecting and screening the boarding process at ports, multiple factors must be addressed in coming up with a plan to secure your fleet’s safety and security. Planning for such an operation requires long-term vision. Maintaining maritime security includes components such as well-functioning ships, effective port security, and dedicated monitoring.

Monitoring your fleet

Whether you need a fleet operations center to track the safety of your vessels, a security operations center for your port, or both, Constant Technologies can help. As the leading integrator of command center video walls in mission critical spaces, Constant has the experience and expertise necessary to ensure the security of your operations. We pick and choose elements from a number of vendors to create a 24/7 video wall that will display important data to all operators in your mission critical space.

In addition, Constant provides high-end, custom-designed operations center furniture. We craft our furniture solutions to perfectly suit your operations. With over 30 years of experience we have proved our operation center console desks withstand rigorous 24/7 environments such as an FOC or SOC installation.

Gip Sisson, a senior project manager at Constant Technologies with significant operations center and maritime experience, said, “It is important to monitor all of the available technology we have today, which in turn keeps our maritime industry smarter, more efficient, and most importantly, safer. Today’s vessel management systems track everything from engine performance, location, weather, fuel burn, life safety systems such as fire and high water alarms. That information can be sent back in real time to the FOC where a trained team can catch any potential issue before it becomes a disaster. Staying on top of this data helps prevent breakdowns, monitors fleet location in real time, saves cost, and most importantly saves lives on the high seas.”

Constant’s Capabilities

In May of 2018, Constant installed a state-of-the-art fleet operations center for Carnival Cruise Lines in Miami, FL. The first of its kind in south Florida, the facility features a 74-foot long operations center video wall that displays the status of all ships, including weather, itinerary updates, safety, engine, and environmental updates. Additionally, the display wall features important information about the status of ports, ship logistics, guest operations and a host of other functions.

The operations center space design includes operations center workstations arranged in pods to emphasize and encourage collaboration across departments. Knowledge centers such as Carnival’s FOC combines different areas of expertise to ensure the safety of guest, crew, and vessels.

“In designing the FOC, we combined best practices from the military, government and industry to achieve a generational leap in facility design, sophisticated technology and utilization, creating the largest and most advanced fleet operations center in the industry,” Carnival president Christine Duffy said.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our guests and crew, and this new facility enhances our already comprehensive approach to safety and operational excellence,” she added.

If you would like to learn more about how Constant can help you ensure maritime safety and security, we offer design consultation free of charge. Reach out today to find out how we can help solve your maritime safety and security challenges.

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