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Grants for Public Safety Can Help You Build an Operations Center

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Agencies across the country need a way to make public safety efforts more efficient and effective. From aggregating numerous sources of information to collaborating with other departments, they require a robust solution to best help them protect lives and property.

The best way to bring all these resources together is to build a centralized hub.

View of real time crime center with rows of console furniture and a large central video wall
The Real Time Intelligence Center in Lee County, FL.

An emerging trend among agencies across the country is the implementation of real time crime centers (sometimes also called real time operations centers, public safety operations centers, or real time intelligence centers).

A public safety operations center enables agencies to take advantage of the most current technology available to ensure their citizens’ safety. When creating these types of centers, agencies seek out Constant Technologies, a national leader in operations center technical integration, to design the space and implement a video wall with robust processing capabilities. Constant’s decades of experience in the mission critical operations space is vital to bringing the client’s vision to reality.

On a day-to-day basis, these state-of-the-art operations centers compile important statistics and analyze data to identify trends or patterns. In the event of a local crisis, a real time crime center also serves as the area command and control hub for critical incident management, coordinating local, state and federal agencies. A centralized command center allows for continuity and organization throughout crisis events and ensures that public safety professionals can be prepared for the unexpected.

Grants can assist with modern public safety initiatives

Ready to bring your operations center into the 21st century but not sure where to get the funds? There are a lot of grants available for government agencies looking to protect their communities, and you may be able to use that money to give your operations the upgrade you need.

Resources for agencies to get grant funding

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)  offers funding through a variety of grant programs as well as webinars and guides on how to apply for funding.

Some resources for those looking for grant funding include:

  • JustGrants: a new grants management system launched by the Department of Justice where applicants and grantees can access training resources, review answers to frequently asked questions, and sign up for updates.
  • OJP Grant Application Resource Guide: provides information to help applicants prepare and submit applications for OJP funding.
  • OJP Funding Resource Center: a place for potential applicants to view current opportunities, solicitation requirements, forms and worksheets, and instructions for the post-award period.
  • DOJ Grants Financial Guide: with this resource guide, applicants can learn more about the laws, rules, and regulations regarding an OJP award.

Aiding public safety through operations centers

A new operations center can revolutionize your public safety initiatives. If you’d like to learn more about creating one with Constant, reach out today for a free design and budget consultation.

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