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Determining the Right Size for Your Video Wall

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When you’re looking to implement a video wall, how do you decide which size is the best solution for your operations center? There are a few factors that can influence your decision. With these considerations in mind, we can help you make the right choice when designing your video wall.


The sources you plan to use in your video wall system can affect many decisions for your video wall, including the size.

First to consider is the number of sources. How many sources will your operators need to see, and how consistent is that number? Does the number of sources vary drastically between regular, day to day operations and critical incidents? At the very least, your video wall should be at least large enough that all of your sources can be viewed clearly and accurately– especially during critical incidents.

Video wall size is also determined by the resolution of the sources you plan to display. Consider how large you need each source to be in order for it to be clearly viewable on the video wall. If you’re scaling a low resolution image, you need to be mindful of how many screens you will stretch it across and how that may impact clarity.


The content your sources will display also affects the video wall size. Will your content be text heavy like spreadsheets, dashboards, or rows of text, or will it be more easily viewed from a distance such as video content from security cameras? Text heavy content can be difficult to read from a few rows back if it isn’t enlarged enough, but zooming in enough to make it legible means you will need to account for the screen real estate that will take up. Managing your content and deciding how best to display it can be a balancing act, and one a skilled integrator like Constant can help you with.

image of an operations center with large video wall and rows of consoles in raised successionRoom Design and Ergonomics

When it comes to the size of your video wall, it’s also important to consider the room itself and the placement of operators within it.

How many people will need to see the content on the video wall – will just a few operators use it regularly, or does the whole room need to see content clearly? The size of your video wall is in large part determined by the distance of those who will need to regularly view the content.

Sightlines are another important component to determining video wall size. In some cases, where the main goal of the video wall is to serve as an impressive showpiece, clients may not be as concerned with whether people in the back row of the operations center can see the bottom of the video wall. But in cases where full functionality is needed, line of sight is key in determining both the video wall size and placement and the overall layout of the room. For example, when there are 3 or 4 rows of desks in a small to medium sized room, it might be difficult for those seated in the back to view the displays. The way to counteract this is with higher placement of the video wall or tiered seating.

Other factors 

Other factors to consider include your real estate and your budget. Ultimately you will need to consider the size of your room and the facilities capabilities such as the electric and heat load your space can handle. The bigger a video wall, the more heat it generates. While this isn’t necessarily prohibitive, it is important to keep in mind as you plan the build-out of your mission critical space.

When it comes to budget, there are multiple factors that can affect the ultimate cost of your video wall – not just the size, but also the technology you choose and the systems integration needed to properly display your sources. An expert integrator like Constant can help you determine the best video wall solution for your use case and advise you on a realistic budget for what you plan  to accomplish. We offer design and budget consultations at no cost, meaning we can start brainstorming your video wall solutions right away. To learn more, contact us today.

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