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Case Study: A Showpiece Security Operations Center Installation

Constant Technologies

Constant Technologies is pleased to give a behind-the-scenes look at a Security Operations Center (SOC) in the process of being installed in the Boston area. The SOC will be located in a new building on the company campus. “The clients engaged us early in the project process,” said Heather Conover, Project Manager at Constant Technologies, “so we were able to assist with the direction of some of the construction elements.”

Building the space from the Ground Up

Tools of the trade

A crucial step in the design and planning process is considering what the space will be used for and the needs that it must meet. This particular installation, said Conover, “will be a highly functioning operations center while also being used for tours. Because of this, proper aesthetics were crucial but the furniture and A/V components had to be flexible and resilient enough for 24/7 use.” Finding the intersection of form and function, while it poses a challenge, is one of Constant Technologies’ specialties. Even our installations with significant focus on aesthetics are outfitted with the highest quality audio visual components that are designed to withstand the rigors of a mission critical environment. While it may be important for the room to look sophisticated, it also needs to function seamlessly to best serve our clients’ security operations.

Constant Tech employee working on installation

The design for this security operations center includes console furniture, a huddle space, and an adjacent conference room with shared sources. Constant accommodated the client’s desire for a highly aesthetic space with a design that includes clean lines, a showpiece video wall, and “wow” features such as custom LED lighting on the underside of the console furniture and snap glass between the operations center and conference room that can be switched between transparent and opaque.

In addition to the sleek aesthetics of the space, this SOC installation is also outfitted with top of the line audio visual products rated for the demands of a mission critical environment. The 24/7 video wall installation consists of a 4 X 2 of 55” Planar Clarity Matrix Display video wall panels. The Matrix LCD display wall system used for this space includes LED backlight technology, 800 nits brightness, full HD resolution and a thin tiled bezel width of 3.7 mm. The adjacent conference room shares sources and is outfitted with multiple 55” Planar 4K displays.

Other A/V features in this space include an integrated audio system, a custom Crestron control system, and a Crestron DM-MD16X16 digital media switch. Not only does the switch provide high speed switching and lossless distribution of source signals, it is also flexible and user-friendly. Crestron’s MD DM-MD16X16 switch can support up to 16 sources of numerous types, with integrated Ethernet networking and USB distribution. The combination of the switch’s extensive capabilities and ease of use make it an ideal choice for a mission critical space such as this security operations center installation where all components must work to their highest capacity.

Constant Tech employees installing monitor arms

The console furniture installed in this security operations center build also reflects the space’s need for flexibility. The security operations center desks installed in the space are custom sit/stand adjustable height consoles. These articulating furniture pieces allow flexibility for operators who may be working long shifts in security operations centers, allowing them to quickly adjust from a seated configuration to standing. With design that is both flexible and effective, the ergonomic workstations are installed so that both sitting and standing positions allow the console operators to maintain sight lines to video wall displays and access to keyboards.

Because Constant has been involved in the planning process from the very beginning, we were able to deliver a customized space for the client that works cohesively to serve all their needs with the highest standards of performance. From ergonomics and aesthetics to cabling plans and audio visual integration, this space has been customized from concept through completion, which allows Constant Technologies to optimize every detail so the client is completely satisfied with the finished product. “As part of the project team from the conceptual phase,” said Conover, “it is always exciting to see everything come together at the end.”

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September 6, 2017