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The Importance of Cutting Edge vs. Bleeding Edge Technology

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Nowhere is your choice of technology more impactful than within an operations center. Mission critical environments present challenges that simply don’t exist in other areas of the AV market. For example, these critical sites such as cybersecurity operations centers and network operations centers must run 24/7/365. Because there is no downtime, these systems must have reliable technology and plans for redundancy to ensure they are always running.

For other locations of video wall installations such as hotels or office lobbies, temporarily losing audiovisual capabilities might be an inconvenience, but ultimately would not cause a significant interruption to critical functioning. But for mission critical, where a video wall might be responsible for monitoring anything from network strength to active threats, it is vital. When the success or failure of operations is at stake, the technology needs to stand up to the task.

It’s important to have the latest technology in an operations center to enhance critical functionality as much as possible. However, it’s equally important that the technology be reliable and fail-proof. Mission critical environments call for a delicate balance between the cutting edge and the bleeding edge.

Cutting edge vs. bleeding edge: what’s the difference?

The technology used for mission critical must be absolutely fail-proof. Every element should be carefully vetted to ensure constant uptime.

In the mission critical industry, we use the terms “cutting edge” and “bleeding edge” to compare new technologies. The line between the two is thin, but important.

While these important spaces should have the freshest, most capable technology, it’s also vital that the technological components have been tested enough to be “tried and true.” We cannot use a first release of a product in a critical facility — these types of spaces are not appropriate as beta testing sites. The bugs of any particular piece of equipment should be worked out before the piece is implemented in a mission critical environment.

Simply put, the bleeding edge is technology that has not yet been thoroughly tested. At Constant, we stick to the cutting edge: products that are fresh and highly capable, but have a proven track record of success.

Work with Constant to stay on the cutting edge

The most buzz-worthy new technology may not always be the best fit for your goals or budget. A systems integrator like Constant Technologies can help you make an informed decision about any new technology installation for your mission critical space, such as a 24/7 video wall system. With our help, you will choose technology that best aligns with your goals and should still prove relevant a few years down the line. We’ll make sure your space is right at the cutting edge of exciting technology, without crossing the line to the bleeding edge.

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