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The Benefits of a Video Wall System

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Why invest in a video wall system when you could use a large screen or projector instead? It’s true that video walls may be more expensive and require a more involved setup process. But when it comes to mission critical, the benefits greatly outweigh the costs.

 Video Wall Systems Allow for Flexibility

Think of your video wall like one big, blank canvas. Though the video wall consists of many individual tiles, a sophisticated control system allows you to display outside the bounds of the individual video wall panels. The content can stretch across multiple displays or even the entire video wall. In comparison to a projector or single screen, a video wall allows you to display more content on more space. A wide range of sources from computers to cable feeds can be incorporated and displayed together. Native content, streaming feeds, and video conferencing can exist side by side on a video wall display. Can a projector do that? The answer is a resounding no.

large video wall in dramatic glass NOC

Video Walls Corner the Market on Visual Superiority

In a mission critical setting, clarity of data is paramount. Operators use a command center video wall to share and display vital, real time data. Therefore, the visual quality of the display you choose plays a clear role in the success of your operations. In every arena from resolution to brightness, video wall systems blow all the other options away.

A video wall consists of several display panels placed together. This means that the total resolution of the display increases with each panel added. 4K video walls serve as an example of the impressive resolutions a video wall display can achieve. So in addition to a larger display area than a projector or single monitor display, a video wall also has a much higher possible display resolution.

Another area of display where a video walls excel is brightness and contrast. Unlike projectors, the display brightness of a video wall does not compete with the ambient light in the room. Additionally, the brightness and clarity of images displayed on a video wall remain consistent when enlarged.

Reliability for 24/7 Operations

Performance is crucial in command and control. In most of these spaces, the knowledge wall is turned on and never turned off. It doesn’t take an expert to know that such constant use demands a certain quality of product. Buying an “off the shelf” display may seem cheaper at first, but in the long run the cost of low quality adds up. Anything built for consumer use, consisting of lower quality parts, won’t provide the resilience necessary for a mission critical video wall. Any video wall system meant for mission critical will be built from professional-grade components. An integrator familiar with command and control environments will source video wall displays that have been specifically designed for 24/7 use.

Unlike consumer-grade products, video walls are purpose-built for maximum uptime and resilience. Despite years of constant or near-constant use, your video wall installation will have lower maintenance costs than a projector or single monitor.

Designed to Handle Complexity

If your everyday is mission critical, your space requires a robust solution. A video wall system fits the bill. As a powerful, integrated solution, a video wall system incorporates multiple components. These include an array of high-resolution display panels, a processing system, and a controller. Together, these components form a system that acts as a single display, but with complex and powerful possibilities that you simply can’t get from other systems.

Video Walls Enable Collaboration

Collaboration is key to success in mission critical. A command center video wall serves as a shared platform for crucial information. Using the video wall to collaborate, operators can accelerate their response to critical events. Other ways your video wall can enable collaboration in a command and control context also exist. The display wall system can be used to share information between sites and collaborate with remote colleagues. By providing a shared visual platform, your digital display wall can also enhance collaboration among and between departments.

curved video wall in command center with operators talking over their operations center workstations

However you choose to use it, your videowall is the center of your common operating picture. Regardless of industry vertical, if your operation is 24/7, a video wall is the most beneficial display solution. To discover more about what system might be right for your applications, contact us today.

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