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Workforce Management Operations Centers

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Workforce management (WFM) is not a new concept. But with advances in technology and available software, WFM is more efficient than ever, and companies in several industries are looking to implement workforce management operations centers.

What happens in a workforce management operations center

A workforce management operations center applies the workforce management process in combination with software and real-time data to inform decisions and policies around staffing and productivity. The main objective of a workforce management center is to reduce risks and maximize potential productivity.

In a WFM operations center, your organization will gain valuable insights into:

Forecasting –  with a workforce management center, your organization can forecast the staff resources needed for particular projects or during seasons of high demand.

Budgeting – knowing how much staff your organization can afford to employ using calculated forecasts for optimization of staffing and workload balances.

Scheduling – staffing can be automated in a WFM operations center based on variables such as vacations, availability, workload and absences.

Coverage Patterns– WFM operations centers can track time and attendance to illuminate patterns, better predicting changes in demand and identifying potential gaps in coverage.

Manage Compliance– Compliance tracking is one of the most important facets of workforce management and can save your organization significant costs by ensuring compliance with labor standards, certifications, training, union agreements, and more.

Analytics – real-time data allows managers to make corrections as needed and facilitates reports of historical trends across multiple key indicators

Without a workforce management system in place, policies can be inconsistent and result in consequences such as compliance violations and related fines, increased operational costs, staffing shortages, inefficient operations, and high turnover rates.

Benefits of workforce management operations centers

A well-implemented workforce management operations center can bring numerous benefits to an organization. These can include:

  • improved employee productivity
  • lower operational cost
  • better customer service
  • better insight into worker engagement, attendance and productivity, informing any adjustments to training, coaching, and processes
  • automation, instant-accessibility and simple reporting for workforce-related data to improve HR productivity and reduce administrative costs.
  • minimization of non-compliance risks under local, state and federal labor laws.
  • increased operational agility
  • Greater payroll accuracy

Industries using workforce management operations centers

Workforce management principles can be applied to any sector, but WFM operations centers are especially useful in sectors that involve time-sensitive tasks. This includes industries such as banking, healthcare, insurance, transportation, and retail.

Creating a WFM operations center with Constant

When you’re creating an operations center, you need an expert. That’s where Constant comes in. Where else would you find a project partner with over 30 years of experience solely focused on mission critical? With our expertise we’ll guide you through important decisions such as the video wall and console solutions for your operations center, in addition to project management, installation, and support.

Our budget and design consultations are offered at no charge. If you are interested in creating a workforce management operations center, reach out today for next steps.

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