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Why a GSOC is Necessary for Global Organizations

A Government Security Operations Center with a video wall and two consoles
Constant Technologies

Constant recently worked to create a mission critical solution for a top pharmaceutical company in the greater Boston area. After becoming a global leader in their field, our client needed a way to offer support, communication, and incident escalation across the entire enterprise.

The best solution? A dedicated Global Security Operations Center, or GSOC.

Our client’s GSOC offers critical services and insights that prepare their stakeholders for global crisis events and threats which may negatively impact their people, assets, and business continuity.

They use industry leading intelligence partners, embedded risk analysts and risk intelligence software to conduct worldwide event monitoring and risk analysis 24/7/365. This provides them with a holistic view of existing and emerging global risks.

With a GSOC, the organization can protect thousands of employees who are spread across hundreds of facilities across the globe, and keep an eye on their travelers as well.

view of GSOC with three consoles and a video wall, featuring sit stand deskHow a GSOC assists 

It’s a big task to monitor, communicate, and respond to situations that could impact a company anywhere, at any time.

The global security operations center provides the capability needed to navigate the ever-changing risk landscape so our client could continue to elevate their level of service delivery.

The GSOC is staffed by a team that has the knowledge, skills, and experience to effectively manage the information provided via the GSOC’s video wall. Having experts work together in one place providing support to the entire company offers significant cost savings.

conference room adjacent to GSOCNot every company location may have the expertise or personnel to dedicate to this mission, which is why a global security operations center comes in handy. The GSOC can support local leaders to execute a response through its technology, intelligence and recommendations. The GSOC also has the ability to leverage a mass emergency notification system to send out emergency notifications locally, regionally and/or globally, based on the type and scale of an incident.

Our client’s GSOC takes what they call an “all-hazards approach.” That’s reflected in the technology platforms they’ve implemented, which provide near real time data related to a broad scope of incidents that could impact their company.

Risk intelligence platforms in the GSOC, displayed on a video wall system integrated by Constant Technologies,  provide data related to crime, utility disruption, civil unrest, transportation issues, health data, natural disasters, and severe weather events. With this view, the GSOC can effectively monitor and respond to any relevant incidents.

Real-world GSOC applications

Within its first year post-installation, the GSOC has already proven to be a valuable asset. Here are a few examples of incidents where the GSOC assisted:

Before a major hurricane made landfall in the US, the GSOC already had information on the storm’s path and its potential impact on the company’s physical locations and employee residences.

two operators sitting at desks in the GSOCThe GSOC system gave a single, contextual view of all assets and personnel in the area. Using the GSOC’s emergency mass communication tool, the client was able to send an alert to all those who would be affected by the hurricane. This incident demonstrated how the GSOC allows the client to use technology to effectively identify potential threats and impact in real-time, and then efficiently get that information to those who need it.

When there was a large explosion at an international port, the GSOC mapped the company’s local office and notified on-site leaders immediately. Within an hour, the GSOC sent a message to employees assigned to the nearby office and confirmed everyone’s safety. Additionally, the GSOC provided the local crisis management teams with regular updates as it continued to monitor events in the area. This rapid response was critical in identifying the impact of the event to the company’s people and assets.

Building a GSOC with Constant

As a company’s global presence evolves, so do the risks to their people and assets. The GSOC is a critical tool that safeguards the company’s people, assets, and brand so employees can focus on their critical tasks.

Video walls within GSOCs contribute to operator awareness and collaboration, displaying real-time data from all relevant sources so it is visible to everyone in the room. With conscious design the audiovisual setup can also share data with other relevant locations, whether that’s an adjacent conference room or a second operations center at a separate site, to enable collaboration on risk response.

A turnkey operations center from Constant Technologies features a video wall system integration and ergonomic console furniture tailor-made for 24/7 use. Our experienced team will walk you through the project from start to finish. If you are looking to update or create a GSOC for your organization, contact us today.

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