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What is Telematics for Fleet Management?

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What you need to know for your FOC

In the past few years, “telematics” has become a buzzword within the fleet management industry. But what does telematics mean?

Basically, telematics is the basis of modern fleet management practices. To put it technically, telematics is the combination of telecommunications and informatics. Telematics functions as the long-distance transmission of computerized information. In 2016, the global telematics market was valued at over $14 billion.

In the simplest of terms, telematics allows for the remote monitoring of assets – something that’s highly valuable for fleet managers. Telematics technology is especially useful for facing a variety of challenges from accountability to compliance, efficiency, or safety. The system transmits information from your fleet’s vehicles to operators in your fleet operations center.

The benefit of telematics for your fleet management include:


Telematics allows for risk and driver behavior reporting as well as in-vehicle driver coaching and accident notifications. It also helps to facilitate any potential re-routing that would need to be done.


With the use of telematics, fleet managers and law enforcement can more readily locate a stolen vehicle. Additionally, there is a potential to prevent theft through telematics as well. Fleet owners can also integrate identity authentication systems into vehicles which allow only a select driver to start the vehicle.

Optimizing Maintenance

Information on fuel use and overall vehicle health can help you make sure that your fleet is in top shape, as well as prevent costly repairs by ensuring well-informed regular maintenance. Predictive maintenance, remote diagnostics, and optimization of fuel management are just some of the ways that telematics can optimize the maintenance of your fleet.

A fleet operations center, which uses telematics featured on video wall
The Carnival Cruise Lines fleet operations center by Constant Technologies features custom console furniture and a large format video wall.

Telematics and Fleet Operations Centers

The constant communication that telematics provides allows for innovation in a number of fields, such as big data, traffic prediction, smart cities, and autonomous vehicles. Telematics is also a key source of data within fleet operations centers.

Constant Technologies provides video wall technology and console furniture for fleet operations centers. The data from telematics systems in your fleet will need to be viewed and interpreted by a number of operators. The best way to do this is with a large, high-resolution video wall that is designed for the continuous use of critical environments. Telematics is important for running your operations, and so is the space where your operators manage the fleet.

Implementing a fleet operations center at your organization can help minimize risk, increase productivity and efficiency, enforce policies, and ensure the safety of vehicle operators and passengers.

Successful Fleet Operations Center Design

Two key elements in the successful implementation of a fleet operations center are collaboration and the use of real-time data, which often comes from telematics. The design of an FOC should reflect these vital components of effective operation.

A large-scale operations center video wall allows sharing of vital, real-time data in a way that operators can easily interpret and respond to collaboratively. Video wall systems within an FOC can also have the capability to share the screen between rooms, allowing team members in all areas to work with the same data.

The overall space design of the fleet operations center can also impact the access to data and potential for collaboration. It is important to arrange the command center furniture so all key operators can easily view the video wall display. Floor plan and furniture choices, such as consoles arranged in pods, can also impact the ease of collaboration among operators.

If your organization has use for telematics, it’s likely that they could also benefit from a fleet operations center as a central location for vehicle management. By investing in an FOC, organizations ensure the overall value of what they offer by optimizing their fleet. Constant Technologies’ customized video wall integration and made-to-spec furniture ensure a tailor-made, turnkey installation that fits your operations like a glove.

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