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Visualize Your New Operations Center

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The end of the year is quickly approaching, and it’ll be here before you know it. You might not plan to begin work on a new project until next year, but it’s never too early to start visualizing your potential operations center. Not only can it be fun to imagine the potential, but it can also help streamline the process once work on your new operations center begins.

Even if the project start date is far off, you can start daydreaming now.

Possibilities begin with the basics

As you visualize the possibilities for your space, filling out some basic details is a good first step. How many people will be in the space? What will their day-to-day look like within the operations center? This informs decisions like the layout of the space and furniture selection.

When you imagine operators in your command and control center, what does their collaboration look like? Do they need specific spaces for working together?  It may make sense to have a conference room adjacent to the main operations center or strategically placed huddle areas within the ops center.

Technology is determined by goals

Before you even begin to source your technology solutions, you will need to Imagine the video wall and how it’s used. What information does it display? What sources do you need all the information to come from? When an incident occurs, who needs to see the video wall, and who controls the display?

What you plan to do with your video wall determines how we design and integrate it.  Your content choices all contribute to decisions about the ideal size and viewing distance of the video wall installation as well as requirements like resolution.  Knowing how you need the video wall to perform before your project begins will help ensure the finished product meets all your goals.

Imagining all use cases

As you consider the future of your operations center, consider all potential use cases it may be tasked to perform. Will there be tours through your space? This is an opportunity to inject some fun into the design. Wow, your potential clients and/or shareholders with a modern space: a large video wall, sleek consoles, and eye-grabbing features like accent lighting for consoles. This is also a good time to plan the intersection of aesthetics and functionality for your space. How can you give tours of a fully functioning operations center that needs to remain focused on mission critical tasks? Consider a viewing area outside the main room or an adjacent conference room with glass walls as potential solutions. Planning out some of these major decisions before construction even begins is not only an enjoyable exercise, it helps make for a streamlined project process.

If you start visualizing your goals for your project now, your future self will thank you. The use cases and aesthetic goals you imagine now will help inform the shape your solution will take, allowing project managers to choose the specific solutions that work best for you.

An operations center is a complex environment, and multiple moving parts need to be considered. But Constant can guide you through the process of planning a mission critical operations center. From design to installation and service, we are with you every step of the way. Our video wall and furniture solutions balance your necessary functionality with modern, eye-catching aesthetics.

Are you ready to start planning your project with Constant? To get a free design and budget consultation, contact us today.

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