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Traffic Management Centers

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Traffic management centers serve as the nerve center of highway and road management. In a traffic management center (TMC) data about the road system is collected, analyzed, and shared with stakeholders including agencies, media outlets, and travelers.

From this central hub, operators can coordinate with agencies to respond to critical traffic incidents as well as identify ways to optimize the transportation system. Traffic management teams coordinate construction, advisories, and real-time incident response to improve the experience on roadways and minimize potential delays.

Modern traffic management centers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and an integral part of incident resolution.

Benefits of a traffic management center

There are multiple benefits that come with having a modern traffic management center. Here are some tangible ways that traffic management centers can help municipalities:

  • Quickly dispatch tow trucks and other crash response personnel
  • Increased ability to alert vehicles to potential problems by efficiently updating message boards and traffic flow data
  • Provide alternative route information when bottlenecks occur

Ultimately, the various capabilities of a TMC allow operators to make choices that reduce congestion and alleviate delays.

Sources used by traffic management centers

Traffic management centers combine intelligence from a number of real-time sources, including:

  • Highway sensors
  • Vehicle GPS systems
  • Ramp meter sensors
  • Freeway call boxes
  • Video cameras
  • 911 calls
  • Highway Patrol
  • Commercial traffic reporters

These various sources are brought together and displayed on a central video wall so that operators within the traffic management center can make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Building out a traffic management center

All the various data in a traffic management center needs to be combined and shared with all operators at once in the best possible way. A carefully designed and integrated video wall system, complete with user-friendly control, built-in redundancy, and high-quality displays.

With a video wall solution from Constant Technologies designed for 24/7 use, operators can consult data in real-time and share information with stakeholders.

In addition to the video wall in a TMC, layout, and furniture selections can also influence productivity and collaboration. A customized, ergonomic workspace allows operators to make critical decisions with lower stress levels and higher productivity. Console furniture arranged in open pods can promote streamlined communication among operators in a TMC. Many control room environments will also have a collaboration space such as a conference or situation room within or adjacent to the main operations center.

Our project managers at Constant work with you from concept through completion, determining the best solution for the challenges posed by your use case and unique requirements. We walk you through a design process that includes a needs analysis, conceptual layouts, and detailed AV drawings. Once the design details are approved, Constant assists in the installation to ensure that the audiovisual system and console furniture we provide works exactly as designed.

If you are considering building or updating a traffic management center, contact us today for a free design and budget consultation.

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