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The Practical Benefits of a GSOC

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While the world of security is always evolving, bringing all your resources together is key to ensuring any technology proves useful for your strategy. When it comes to protecting your organization, assets, and reputation, a GSOC is still the gold standard.

There are many reasons to create a GSOC, but 5 major benefits include:

  • The ability to keep ahead of potential threats
  • Inspiring confidence with stakeholders
  • Consistent situational awareness
  • Unified operations over a large geographical area
  • 24/7 protection that spans the entire organization

What do those benefits look like on a practical level, and how does a GSOC contribute to them? Let’s delve further into these benefits:

A proactive approach that stays ahead of potential threats

A GSOC provides the capability to navigate the risk landscape and promote your security efforts from reactive to proactive. With a SOC you can centralize real-time monitoring, communicate rapidly with relevant personnel and coordinate the appropriate response strategy.

Operators in a SOC consistently analyze activity across an organization’s networks or facilities to manage threats and identify upcoming risks. The resulting insight from this consistent situational awareness can play a pivotal role in preventing threats from manifesting.

Assessing needs is a key step in creating a proactive security operations center. Staying ahead of risks for your particular organization includes asking questions such as: what specifically will you need to monitor? Who will need to be informed? What are your goals now, and how can you incorporate intelligence to mitigate threats?

Not every situation can be predicted, but a GSOC ensures you have the right tools to react as quickly as possible when incidents occur and have built-out response plans to follow based on potential impacts.

Demonstrating capabilities to stakeholders

Keeping stakeholders informed is critical both in the daily operations of your organization and in proving the ROI of the GSOC. A global security operations center offers critical services and insights that prepare stakeholders for global crisis events and threats which may negatively impact their people, assets, and business continuity. A GSOC also provides value by demonstrating preparedness and showing a pride of ownership that can be a draw for prospective employees or investors.

GSOCs can serve external and internal marketing purposes in addition to their main function of protection. A state of the art security operations center is a great way to show your customers and stakeholders that you take protection of their data and assets seriously.

Situational awareness through a central video wall

Proactive situational awareness is key to successful security operations and demands that operators be able to gather, analyze, and disseminate information in a timely manner. The video wall  in a GSOC plays an indispensable role in promoting situational awareness.

As the focal point of an operations center, the video wall displays real-time data from a wide variety of sources to everyone in the room. This common operating picture established by the video wall directs informed decision-making within an operations center. A visual centerpiece for situational awareness allows operators to collaborate on shared data and keep an eye on emerging risks.

With conscious design the audiovisual setup can also share data with other relevant locations, whether that’s an adjacent conference room or a second operations center at a separate site, to enable collaboration on risk response.

Unified operations over a large geographical area

For large organizations with more than one site – especially multinational organizations with campuses spread across the world — a GSOC allows for a single point of focus that can protect thousands of employees.

Not every site may have the expertise or personnel to dedicate to the mission, which is why a global security operations center comes in handy. The GSOC can support local leaders to execute a response through its technology, intelligence and recommendations. A GSOC can also support the ability to leverage a mass emergency notification system to send out emergency notifications locally, regionally or globally, depending on the type and scale of an incident.

24/7 protection for the entire organization

Safeguarding your assets and brand reputation is not a 9-5 task; critical events can happen at any time. A GSOC serves as a dedicated space that can be staffed in shifts round-the-clock to provide consistent monitoring and crisis response, ensuring swift action when critical events occur.

With the constant monitoring provided by a security operations center, the gap between a critical event and its response time narrows. Consistent, 24/7 data tracking provides a defensive advantage for response time.

The uninterrupted protection a GSOC provides means that there can be no downtime – and therefore, a specific design is required to ensure this. The technology for the video wall must be capable of being turned on and never off again, and the console furniture must be rugged enough to withstand constant use through long shifts. That’s where a mission critical specialist like Constant comes in.

Creating a GSOC with Constant

The AV market is flooded with products, and there’s no shortage of vendors offering furniture. But when it comes to mission critical, the components of your space must be carefully selected and expertly crafted. You need a partner to help you navigate the important decisions that set the framework of your GSOC. That’s why you need Constant.

As a provider of turnkey operations centers, Constant offers customized video wall system integration and high quality console furniture manufactured in the USA. As we craft your video wall, we choose products from trusted partners to create a customized solution that best fits your requirements. Our console furniture, which features five standard lines and endless opportunities for customization, is durable and designed to accommodate mission critical equipment and cabling.

When you contact Constant as a partner for your GSOC, we help you by:

  • Evaluating current capabilities and future goals
  • Producing detailed plans before construction begins
  • Providing mission critical design & integration expertise
  • Training your teams to use the technology within the GSOC
  • Maintaining and evolving your solution with our long-term service and support

We offer more than just video wall and console furniture solutions; we provide project management and work side-by-side with your architects, interior designers, and general contractors. When you work with us you can trust that your project will be completed on time and on budget.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Constant can help you create a customized GSOC solution, contact us today. Our design and budget consultation is offered at no cost.

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About Constant:

Constant Technologies, Inc. provides AV integration for 24/7 video walls and custom operation center furniture. With 30+years experience we can work with sensitive environments in the public and private sectors. Constant designs and installs projects of all scopes and sizes around in the world. We also offer long-term service and support. We create solutions with the highest levels of security, aesthetics and functionality in mind.